There are many ways to experience Poland tour. Poland is a country whose nature, history and architecture reflect a wide range of European landscapes. Here tourists can find lower and high mountains, forests and primeval forests as well as historical settlements and fortifications. In the north there is also the Baltic Sea with its 700 km long coastline and picturesque, sandy beaches. There are also modern urban centers and climatic old towns.

North-East Poland is an extremely fascinating region, combining nature with history and the unique atmosphere of Poland.

Wonders of Zulawy region

There are plenty of places in the North-East Poland that have their sights shaped by ancient glaciers. One of these lands are Zulawy with Elblag and Malbork city on their plateau. Zulawy, moderately placed below sea level, have fertile soil. Many rivers cross their paths here, including the Vistula and the Nogat. All these phenomena make the region easily flooded. 

Elblag is the biggest city in the area with lake Druzno just below it, and there are many more lakes there.

Another interesting tourist attraction for both adults and kids here is the trip on the Elblag Canal where ships are hauled at one point on the grass. The waterways have a difference in level, because there is a great depression on the Zulawy part, so the distance of 22,5 meters have to be crossed like this. The canal has been used for over 150 years thanks to the Dutch settlers on the territory. There are many platforms used that lower the ships by falling water, designed by Georg Steenke in order to pass the cut wood from Mazury to the seaports of the Baltic. The massive export of spruce began then in the mid 19th century thanks to the Dutch settlers in the region.

The Malbork Castle in Poland

Malbork is the town with the biggest Teutonic Knights Castle in Poland and many Gothic era buildings, such as St. John’s church, the town hall and gates. The restored facilities date back to the 13th century. The Malbork Castle was the centre of power back in the 14th century with the Teutonic Order which was in charge of the land. It is one of the strongest fortified castles from the medieval times in the world. Now it’s one of biggest such a attraction in Europe, and surly biggest, and the most spectacular castle in Poland. 

There is the High Castle inside surrounded by defense walls, the Middle Castle with the Grand Knight Master’s Palace and the Low Castle including extensive farm buildings and facilities. Most of castle’s facilities and chambers, are opened for tourist, making over 3hour path . Visiting Malbork Castle is a must, and the best way to arrange it is to use a helpful hand of Travel Agency Poland

Warmia region

Warmia is a picturesque land surrounded by waters of the Vistula Lagoon and many lakes. The places to visit are Frombork, Braniewo and Kadyny.

Frombork is famous for being the place of work of the Polish astronomer Mikolaj Kopernik – Nicolaus Copernicus. There are plenty of monuments built in honor of him, because Copernicus lived here in the years 1512-1543, till his death. The Cathedral with its own defense walls is to be visited including a museum dedicated to Polish bishops and Copernicus. There is a planetarium with the tower where the astronomer lived and made his great observations. 

Braniewo has also some sightseeing highlights. Tourists can visit St. Catherine’s gothic church and the ruins of the defense walls. Further there are St. Cross baroque church with a dome and the gate tower of the Warmian bishop’s palace. A classicistic church also awaits guests and the 17th century granary. A must-see, while in Braniewo, is the 18th century building of Collegium Hosianum. 

Kadyny is a lovely small town with a 1000-year-old oak tree. Its circumference is 11 meters, and the tree bears the history of resistance against the Teutonic Knights of the region. Nearby, there is also a 14-meter wide rock to see. These nature’s treasures served as pagan worship during ancient times. 

Masuria region

Masuria were formerly inhabited by Prussian tribes. It holds the place of the greatest battle of medieval times Poland, Grunwald, where visitors can experience (by being at the actual battlefield) the victory over the Teutonic Knights from 1410. In July, there is an annual medieval festival here with a staging of a battle involving hundreds of people involved. 

Gietrzwald is a village where tourists can see a gothic church with St. Mary’s Sanctuary. It is said that St. Mary appeared to a few little girls here. Ostroda is the junction of the most important waterways in Poland being a water sports centre. The Elblag Canal has its start here. 

The beautiful lands of Masuria (Mazury) have many lakes and forests, being the ultimate escape into nature. Many guests come here to relax and enjoy water sports. It is quite popular to have your own boat but rental is of course very common. There are many canoe trips. The land is crossed with many rivers and plenty of small, lovely villages. All these villages have places to rent and a small museum to get to know the region’s heritage.

All these unique landscapes are called the lungs of Poland. Masuria is the capital of one thousand lakes and a huge network of water canals. The primeval nature is surrounding roads and villages.

Here you find the Wigierski National Park as well and another water canal, the Augustow Canal. It can be said that it is almost impossible to make a great Poland tour without visiting the Masuria region.

North-East Poland tour – a place for finding peace

When planning a vacation, it is worth considering the Poland Tour, with special emphasis on the North-East Poland and its treasures. A stay in this wonderful area will surely help you to recharge batteries and find some peace in life. An interesting history, many places to visit and, above all, great wild nature are the advantages that should certainly encourage you to pack your luggage, call ITS Poland (Travel Agency Poland) for bookings, and go on your way. The goal is the North-Eastern Poland.

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