When it comes to walls and flooring in your home and offices, porcelain tiles are always a preferable option. They are attractive, available in various designs, and go perfectly with every type of interior design. The tiles are also an excellent choice due to the lifespan and the wide range of options you get. Not to mention, the rough and tough usage and clean finish quality.

But there are many other options that can provide you these features. Then why should you go for porcelain tiles instead of them? Well, here a whole list of reasons for choosing tiles.

1. Traffic Handling

The porcelain tiles are developed to sustain a high amount of wear and tear during their usage. They can easily handle a high amount of moisture, shocks, and scratches. This hardness makes it an ideal choice for any part of the home, including the kitchen and bathroom. Some companies are also making specialized porcelain kitchen tiles that pack excellent resistance to oils and fumes too. They are a choice for the kitchen and will last really long without looking weird.

2. Pattern Mimicking

The best part of porcelain tiles is that they are highly customizable. The manufacturers can design them to mimic any type of flooring and wall materials. You can find them in wood looks, cork finish, and even the famous marvel textures.

Basically, they offer you the appeals of expensive material at a much cheaper cost. You can even order custom patterns or 3D print to make things interesting. They will easily add value to your property.

3. Cleaning And Repairs

The hard and dense porcelain tiles pack a decent resistance against damage. They can easily sustain regular stress and usage without any visible damage. They also have a very good liquid-resistant, ensuring that the common spills don’t penetrate the tiles’ inner layers. So, there will be no corrosion and water damage issue for a long time.

However, if they do get damaged somehow, you don’t have to change all the tiles in your place. Removing and replacing the pieces that are damaged is possible and won’t need much investment or time.

Another good thing about the tiles is that they are easy to clean. If they are sealed properly, the tiles are easy to clean using any standard cleaning liquid and clean wipes. The property gets improved for the glass-coated variants.

4. Patterns And Designs

Like every ceramic tile variant, the porcelain tiles are also available in several different patterns and designs. You have the standard solid-colored tiles, mix match tiles, printed tiles, and even textured variants. You may even find porcelain hexagon tiles in the market.

It expands your range of choice and ensures that you get something that precisely meets your expectations. It also makes the tiles flexible for any theme, interior design, and location.

5. Cost

The porcelain tiles were once expensive and non-preferable for users with low-budget, but not anymore. As these tiles have gained popularity, new and better technologies to manufacture and install them have come to light. They have reduced the investment on the tiles, making them much cheaper than before.

The low cost also provides the tiles leverage over the other flooring option like wood, marble, and more.

Final Words

The porcelain tiles have been in trend for a long time and show no sign of slowing down in the future. It was and will always be a better option than the standard tiles, making them perfect for any place. It’s a great alternative to the expensive material and a perfect investment for anyone. So, if you are looking for quality material to coat your walls and floors, porcelain is a must-consider option.