For many people choosing the right heating or cooling option can be a tough decision. One of the best products on the market for this is a reverse cycle air con unit, which is able to accommodate both of these needs in one system. There is a common misconception about this product that it is not cost effective, but that isn’t the case at all. Let’s take a deeper look into how these systems work, what the benefits are and how they can in fact be very cost effective.

How Reverse Cycle Air Con Works

When it comes to cooling the property down, reverse cycle AC absorbs heat from inside a property and then dissipates it outdoors. This of course differs from AC units which cool warm air which is brought into the home, but the cooling effect is the same. During the winter months when the temperature drops, individuals can switch the reverse cycle AC to heating mode. In this case what the unit will do is to pull warmer air from outside the home, which it then heats again through a coil in the system, before dispersing the warm air into the property.

Benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

The flexibility of course is one of the biggest benefits of using this kind of system. Those living in an ever-changing climate can count on a single product for all of their heating and cooling needs. Another great benefit which you should know about the reverse cycle AC, is that it is incredibly efficient at what it does. With regards to energy consumption when heating or cooling there is no product on the market which comes close to a reverse cycle air conditioner. Even in extreme conditions, 1kW of electricity consumed will result in the generation of 3kW in heating or cooling. Efficiency helps to reduce energy usage which is kind to both the planet and your hip pocket.

How Are They Cost Effective?

Reverse cycle air con is able to save you money in multiple ways. Initially there is the fact that you only pay once for a system which is able to both cool the home and warm it up (depending on what your needs are). As mentioned previously, the efficiency rating of these systems is also incredibly high and this helps you to save money as and when you use it. Finally, whilst many people incorrectly assume that this system usually has a variety of issues, studies have shown that this simply is not the case. In fact most of the time individuals will have far less maintenance to do, and far fewer repairs, than if they were to install a separate heating and cooling system.

A reverse AC is the ultimate option for anyone who lives in a varied climate, and who needs an air conditioner split system which is able to heat and cool effectively at different times. Make sure to do your research to find the best possible one for your home today.

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