Jeff Lupient wife is the main reason which he gives for all of his success and he takes every opportunity which he can to remind everyone of that. They say that behind every great man there is a great woman and whether or not this has always been the case is irrelevant because Jeff Lupient is a great man, and his wife is an absolute star. If you don’t know Jeff then I should tell you that this is a man who has found great success as a CEO of a highly successful automotive group and a managerial wizard. I first met Jeff during our time at Hamline University and it turned out that we were both from Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota which is how we bonded. I wanted to talk to you little today about Jeff’s wife, also from Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota, and how she helps and inspires Jeff to be the best that he can be.


It was the dream fo Jeff Lupient for many years to run an automotive group and his wife knew this very well when they first met. When they reached the age of 24 they had a decision to make as his wife wanted to move abroad, but Jeff Lupient wanted to set up business here in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota. Jeff’s wife made a decision to put off her dream of living abroad for a while and threw her full support behind Jeff. It is my job to ensure that Jeffrey W Lupient is helps to account and that he will take his wife abroad to live in the future.


It is ironic that despite Jeff’s excellent managerial prowess that he is in fact heavily managed by his wife, and rightfully so. She knows him inside out and she also has the emotional intelligence to know how to act with him. Sometimes he’ll come home from work super charged after a stressful day and she knows that leaving him alone is the best bet. There have been other occasions where he his high energy has gone and he is feeling a bit sorry for himself, and she will kick his butt into gear.


I might be wrong but I don’t think that there has been a single decision taken with regards to the business without Jeff’s wife being consulted. She is a highly intelligent woman who has great business acumen and many of the tough decisions which Jeff has taken have been fiercely debated first with his wife.


Jeff and his wife have one child and given the demands of the business Jeff Lupient simply couldn’t be there as much as he would have liked. Thankfully his wife is an amazing woman and she put her own career on hold to parent the child for those early years. Jeff has since taken a step back from the business so that his wife can work, and this is surely what a relationship is all about!

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