Here in Mokena,Il it is quite difficult to envision what summer time looks like given the fact that we are only just recovering from a minus 50 cold snap. Nonetheless it is that time of the year when I give the team at Integrity heating and cooling a call to come and do a service check on my air conditioning unit. I always like to make sure that I am ahead of the game with this because around 8 years ago Mokena,Il had a heatwave and my air conditioning unit wasn’t working. That repair took 5 days, all of which were very uncomfortable indeed. I would suggest that you do the same as me and have your cooling systems checked out now to both avoid the issue which I had and to avoid some of these prevalent dangers of a broken cooling system.


When you fire up your air conditioning unit then you may not believe that there is anything wrong with it because sometimes the faults go unnoticed. A friend of mine had been using her cooling system for over 2 weeks last summer when she noticed some water seeping out from underneath the kitchen wall. As it transpired there was a leak in one of the ducts of the air conditioning unit which she hadn’t noticed and the consequence of her not spotting it meant a lot of repair work in the home from floors to walls. Get your air con checked out as there could be a leak which you don’t know about.


In some cases a problem with the cooling system can result in a leak of toxic fumes which can lead to all kinds of health issues. If the air isn’t being produced properly or if there is a problem with the materials inside the cooling system, you could find yourself breathing in toxic fumes. A simple checkup of your cooling system will ensure that you don’t have an issue like this, one which will go undetected if you don’t take action.

Not Cool

One of the biggest dangers of course is that your air conditioning unit is not doing what it is supposed to which is keeping you and your home cool. As I can attest to the last thing that you need is to have a baking hot day and then find that your cooling system is out of action. Trying to get the unit fixed is not always instant so you will have to ace some sweaty days until you can get the unit repaired and enjoy a cool house once again.

Getting your unit checked out now in March or in April is the best course of action, you can fix any problems well in advance of the hot weather and you can avoid many of the dangers that a broken air conditioning unit presents.