Whether you want to venture out on a solo paddle, meet up with friends, or go on guided kayaking adventures, there are many ways to enjoy kayaking around the Sydney area. With such a fantastic harbour and many local waterways to explore, each kayaking trip is bound to be a new adventure.

Let’s take a look at some top reasons why you should consider kayaking or canoeing in Sydney, what you might expect, as well as the kinds of places you could explore.

Turn Your Kayaking Trip Into a Picnic

Going on a kayaking paddle doesn’t just have to be about getting out on the water for some fresh air and exercise. You can plan it out, come up with a destination to paddle to, pack a picnic lunch, get together with some friends and enjoy a meal together in some secluded location on Sydney Harbour, along the Parramatta River, or any number of other locations in and around Sydney.

Another advantage of the picnic idea is you can plan a fairly long paddle, take a break while eating lunch and enjoying the scenery, then feel refreshed and revitalised for the journey back.

Go On a Camping Adventure By Kayak

This could be your own planned adventure, possibly a trip with the family, or it could be with one of a number of guided kayaking tours operating in Sydney. Imagine getting out on Sydney’s beautiful waterways, travelling to a few interesting destinations during the day and having some Outdoor Play, then kicking back and spending the night at some secluded spot to relax in the great outdoors.

Sing songs around the fire under a dazzling carpet of stars, cook sausages over the open flames, or simply just lay back and stare up at a clear night sky without the distraction of city lights.

Camping kayaking adventures are one of the ultimate ways to enjoy kayaking.

If you’re looking for organised tour groups in the area, go online and search for terms like:

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  • And so on…

Take Things Up a Level and Hit the Waves

Kayaking doesn’t have to be limited to calm water. Once you’ve developed your kayaking skills beyond the beginner level, for even more fun, take your kayak down to one of the many local beaches and give it a try in the surf. It’s a lot of fun and the waves offer up many new challenges to both test and improve your kayaking skills and fitness.

The surf truly adds a whole new dimension to the kayaking experience, so when you feel more confident paddling a kayak, get more daring and try kayaking in the waves. You’re bound to have a blast and it’s very safe as well.

Find New Perspectives for Your Photography Hobby

If you enjoy taking photos, particularly of wildlife and landscapes, then kayaking presents a very unique way to get some cool and interesting shots. One aspect to photography via kayak is you can get some shots while out on the water, gaining a different perspective to what can be achieved on land. Secondly, you can access remote locations that may not be accessible any other way than via the water. This means you’ll be able to snap off some shots that the average land-based photographer doesn’t have access to.

If photography is your thing and you enjoy kayaking, why not combine the two hobbies?

Get Away From It All

Possibly one of the greatest advantages of kayaking is the ability to escape from the bustle of city life, traffic and people and just get out among nature. The beautiful thing about kayaking is you’re in control of the vessel. There’s no noisy motor to break the silence and you can go as fast or slow as you please.

Kayaks, being very streamline and sitting shallow in the water, meaning they can access narrow and shallow channels, so you can explore just about any location where there is water.

The Wrap

Kayaking is a fun way to spend a few hours or a day out on the water. You can explore new areas, take photos, get some fresh air, improve your fitness and just have a really good time either solo, with friends or as part of an organised group.