Slides, like many clothing items, have gone in and out of style several times. They have been a recurring trend since they were first released in the 1970s. Thankfully, these fun, affordable, and comfortable shoes are back, hopefully to stay this time! 

Not many people know that slides weren’t originally intended for the fashion industry. In fact, they were actually designed and used by athletes to wear after matches. They were to be worn to protect athletes from contracting any foot bacteria while in the showers. It wasn’t until about a decade later that they became a trendy, must-have shoe. During the 1980s, it seemed like everyone was wearing slides! Three major reasons why slides were, and still are, popular is because of their design, level of comfort, and their affordability. 

Let’s start with the most obvious reason they’re so popular: they’re fashionable. The unique look and designs appealed to all kinds of people in the 80s, giving them a cool, sporty look, and the same goes for today. Slides have changed quite a bit over the past few decades, with more styles, brands, and designs being launched. Now we can choose from more than ever before! Having so many options is great, as not everyone enjoys wearing the same type of slide. They can be nicer, leather slides, or something more original, like sporty black slides. You can wear slides with virtually anything and everything, and it looks great! On top of that, they are also unisex, so anyone can wear them! Recently, slides have been extremely popular among celebrities. Seeing these role models wear blue slides makes them more desirable to many others, as well. 

The level of comfort when choosing a shoe is crucial, which is why having a pair is too! Slides and comfort go hand-in-hand, which definitely helps boost their popularity. They’re great for walking, going out, sports, or even lounging around your house. The bottom of slides can be smooth, bumpy, or smooth with toe grips, all of which provide comfort. Some slides even have memory foam on the bottom for maximum comfort! Since they are open-toed, they allow your toes to move freely, and aren’t restrictive. 

While both style and comfort are huge pluses, we believe that affordability is the main reason for the popularity of slides. It’s not every day you find a pair of shoes that you can wear for most occasions, that are also comfortable, for less than $100. Most shoes cost around $100 and are either stylish or comfortable — rarely are they both. It’s great to get such awesome shoes for such a great price. This allows people to purchase more than one pair, so they can truly show off their unique styles and personalities through their design and color choices. 

These aren’t the only reasons why people love to wear slides, but we’ve covered most of the main reasons. It is great that so many are able to express themselves, enjoy comfortable shoes, and also be able to afford more than one pair.