Experts predict that the CBD market will be worth $20 billion by 2024.

In recent years, the amount of CBD products available has skyrocketed. As more and more people discover the benefits of this plant-based product, the demand continues to rise. You can take CBD orally through CBD oil products, edibles like the some of the best CBD gummies you’ve ever tasted or even baked goods. There is no “best route” to consume CBD, the important thing is being comfortable with how you consume it and reaping CBD’s vast benefits.

Are you still not quite sold on using CBD? Interested in learning more about this product before using it yourself? Keep reading to discover fun and useful facts about CBD.

1. CBD Is Only a Small Part of the Cannabis Plant

One of the most interesting facts about CBD is that it only makes up a small part of the actual cannabis plant.

Cannabis plants are made up of over 85 active cannabinoids, and Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of them.

People who assume that CBD is the same thing as marijuana, are very wrong. In fact, each of the active cannabinoids found in cannabis has different effects on the body. For example, THC is the molecules that gives you the “high” effect of marijuana, which CBD contains none of.

2. Both Humans and Pets Benefit From CBD

When it comes to CBD fun facts, the benefits don’t stop with humans.

CBD is used in humans to ease the effects of stress, pain, and many other ailments. But, when the right doses are used, animals can see many of the same health benefits from CBD as humans. Dogs and cats who suffer from separation anxiety, arthritis, or nausea may be the perfect candidates for pet CBD.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for Koi CBD products for yourself or your pet, you’ll want to do a decent amount of research on the brand. Make sure that the products are legally made, have studied results, and have the proper levels of THC.

3. The Farm Bill Made CBD Legal At the Federal Level

Finishing this list of fun facts about CBD is the fact that the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized CBD products.

This bill contains language regarding the legalization of the hemp plant, cannabis plants with less than 0.3 percent of THC. The bill allows for the cultivation, transportation, and sale of hemp or CBD products that follow the bill’s guidelines.

But, the bill also gave individual states final say on the legality of CBD in their area. So while CBD may be legal federally, CBD products could still be illegal to use in your specific state.

There are only three states where CBD is completely illegal — Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska. In all other states, CBD is either fully legal or legal with certain regulations.

Looking to Learn More Facts About CBD?

This article barely scrapes the surface when it comes to the amount of information and research available on CBD.

If you’re interested in using CBD for the first time, or just want to learn more about the product you already use, continue your search for more facts about CBD.

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