The bathroom has become a room where it is not out of the ordinary to spend hours on end. What goes on in there these days is a lot of pampering and relaxing and because of this one needs top of the line items that support these activities.

The goal for the perfect bathroom is to have a place that looks luxurious and also delivers luxurious levels of pampering. The overall look and feel needs to be like a refuge where you can escape and where everything is perfectly tuned for your pleasure. So call a local high-end contractor like CBI Tulsa and tell them you have some work for them.

Here are a list of things you can do in your bathroom to create your refuge.

High-end Lighting

If you want to set a perfect mood in a room, it has to start with the lighting. Lighting determines how everything looks and ultimately how you feel when you are in the room.

There are various types of lighting you can add to your bathroom and you need to use them all to get exactly the mood you want. Brighter task type lighting goes over the sink to ensure your are well lit when washing your face, putting on or removing make-up or brushing your teeth, Accent lighting can focus on a specific thing or place in the room like perhaps over a bathtub or highlighting a picture or other piece of art. You can utilize soft natural lighting to make the room more sedate and even change bulb colors for a more moody space. The key is to experiment with different types of lights from LED to other forms of low wattage lighting and try track lighting and sconces to see what you like best.

Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are the new look in high-end bathrooms. Everything from granite, to slate, to marble is part of the hottest bathroom trend and have the ability to modernize any space and make it look luxurious. Stone is so loved because of its look, feel and durability. There is also a variety of colors of stone and some with several colors included in the material making matching with any bathrooms colors and styles easy. There’s no denying that stone is more costly than other surfaces, but the overall benefits make it worth it.

Steam Shower

Steam showers are the new high-end bathroom amenity that everyone is talking about. The idea is to provide yourself with the same type of shower you get when you visit a high-end spa or stay at a luxury hotel. These shower have built in steam processors that can be turned on. They also have showerheads that offer every level and type of massage. The showers also feature a seat so you can relax in comfort for as long as you like. The effect is one of complete relaxation where all of your cares are transported out of the room. They carry a high price tag, but they turn your bathroom into a high priced spa.

To finish the feel add some nice music and candles and you now have the perfect bathroom. Enjoy!