What exactly happens when your bride finishes all her wedding plans, only to be met with this depressing and life-changing quarantine? Complete and utter devastation from all the stress you’ve both went through the last few months. 

It’s understandable how you both feel about the current situation, but you can still make the most of your big day and go on to have an even more remarkable wedding than you’d ever anticipated by adopting one or more of these helpful tips. 

1. Give Her Sweet Kisses Each Day

Instead of letting your fiancé dwell about her delayed wedding, make sure you give her plenty of love and affection, including tons of sweet kisses. Without saying a word, you can express your 100 percent undivided attention to her feelings and reaffirm even more that you will be there for her through thick and thin. The best time to sweep in with a kiss is when you see her bored or quiet, which she’ll love. 

2. Take Her on a Scenic Drive

As if planning a wedding wasn’t difficult enough, you both get to deal with feelings of cabin fever that neither of you wants. But don’t let her dwindle into a sea of misery with those feelings and, instead, make the big day that you planned even more special with a surprise.

For instance, drive her to a spot where you have both shared beautiful memories over the years, as long as quarantine restrictions do not prohibit it. Upon arrival, recount the memories you have both shared together in this spot and the feelings it conjures up inside you, and you’ll melt her heart all over again. 

3. Get Her Sexy Perfume and Lingerie

It would sure be miserable if you both were looking forward to your honeymoon, only to have your plans changed in an instant due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But don’t let this time of uncertainty get the best of you and, instead, make the most of the situation.

To get her in the mood, find some sweet-smelling perfume and the perfect bridal lingerie that you can’t wait for her to put on and wear, respectively. Remind her that you can’t wait to see her wearing these sexy unmentionables on your honeymoon — or hopefully before — and voilà! You’ll be happily hitched for life. 

4. Collect Her Some Flowers 

The best time to reaffirm your love for and commitment to your soon-to-be spouse is when she’s feeling her lowest, indicating to her that you’re with her through thick and thin. Since quarantine happened to fall within the spring, which is when some of the most beautiful flowers bloom, you have the perfect opportunity to create a bouquet she’ll never forget. Imagine the look of surprise on her face as you hand her the most gorgeous, authentic set of flowers she’s ever laid eyes on and how great that will make her feel. 

5. Write Her Something Poetic

It’s understandable if you’re not a man of words but still want to express your love and affection to her, despite everything going on in the world right now, which is entirely frustrating at this point. However, even if you can’t write a romantic line of poetry to save your life, anything you share will make her heart melt with delight. Let all your feelings flow onto paper. Don’t worry about whether it seems silly to you, because, to her, it means the entire world. 

Sweep Her Off Her Feet, and Have the Best Delayed Marriage of All Time

The frustration is real for almost everyone, and we can’t even imagine what it would be like to have your wedding day fall during the quarantine. Either way, we hope you go on to have the best wedding day you could ever imagine, regardless of any delays that have taken place.