When I was working at the Automotive Training Network, I worked very closely with Mark Gilbert ATN founder and business mastermind, and during that time I was able to learn a great deal from him about business. Mark had already found his success and he was really keen on taking me under his wing and helping me to better understand the business world, and the skills which I needed in order to make it a success.

Using the knowledge that Mark gave me, I eventually went on to launch my own online business, and thanks to that knowledge I have found my own solid levels of success. One of the most important things that Mark showed me was the importance of understanding sales, how to sell, who to sell to, how to price, and when to try and sell, and here is why that is so crucial for anyone who has a business or who wishes to start one.


Sales are not just products in a store that are available or phone calls from a gas company asking you to switch, sales are quite literally the beating heart of every business on the planet and whilst the methods may change in terms of how the sale is made, the reason for the sale does not. Whether you are a lawyer, a banker, a fisherman or a politician, everything is about providing a solution or meeting a demand, and that right there is the root of all sales. In any business you are selling things, products and services and no matter whether that is to clients or to other businesses, knowing how to sell will increase your chances of success.


The skill which you need in order to be a good seller are also helpful in many other areas of life and these can be transferred to a wide range of activities. For example let’s take the ability to read people, a crucial skill when you are trying to sell something to somebody. If you are able to read people well enough to identify whether or not they are going to want to buy something, then you will also be able to use that skill to read people when you deal with them, your workforce for example.

Goal Getting

Another key benefit of learning sales is that when you become successful at selling, you are being successful at setting a goal and reaching it. This is essential what the seller is looking to do in a transaction, they have a goal which is to get rid of the product or the service in exchange for something, usually money. If you get good at this then it will also increase your ability of getting goals in other aspects of your life, because you now understand the mentality which is required.

At the heart of every business is sales, and that is why at the heart of every business owner, should be knowledge of sales.