Connor McGregor is back and after a spate of incidents in his private life which left one-time fans Marc Leder and I unsure whether or not we liked the guy any more, Connor comes back and destroys the legendary Cowboy Cerrone in a matter of seconds. Marc and I couldn’t wait for that fight and we were psyched that McGregor was able to win without a scratch on him, so that he can fight again as soon as possible. No the Irishman is waiting for either Khabib or Ferguson to pull out of their fight, which we din’t think will happen this team around, so here are our ideal fights for McGregor in the next 12 months.

Jorge Masvidal

Everyone is talking Gaethje but the fight which we really want to see next is Jorge Masvidal and McGregor for the novelty BMF belt. The two stylistically would be brilliant and the reason why I think this should happen now is that Masvidal is hot, and whilst he is a good fighter he is going to start losing soon, just as he did before his star began to rise. The UFC would make a killing off this fight and I think that it’d be perfect for both fighters.

Khabib or Ferguson

Next up I think the Irishman has to fight the winner between Khabib and Ferguson, and he should do so before a rematch between the two is made. I have no idea which way that fight goes and whilst Ferguson is incredible, Khabib makes it look as though nobody can get close to him. I know that Connor wants Khabiib but the truth of the matter is that McGregor, in my view, has a bigger chance of winning against Ferguson than he does against the Russian. Nonetheless, either fight would be an absolute banger.

Nate Diaz

I expect Connor to lose to either Ferguson or Khabib, as tough as that is to admit, and at that point he will no doubt start pushing to enter into boxing, but not before closing the chapter on him and Diaz. The first 2 fights between these two were incredible, McGregor losing the first after getting choked out, then winning the second fight in what was an absolute bloodbath. This is the fight that everyone who likes the sport wants to see, and it would be the perfect way for Connor to bow out of MMA, and launch his career in the world of boxing which we do expect him to do at some point. Everyone loves both fighters, they have huge amounts of respect for each other, and this would just be a mega money fight for everyone involved.

In an ideal world, this would be the next 3 fights which Connor will be involved in, do you agree with them or would you prefer to see Connor drop down the divisions and take on a new challenge? Let us know in the comments.