For as long as humans have been around, we have tried to make comfortable beds. Today, we also know how important it is to have that comfort, as our sleep is vital to our overall health. Indeed, it can be said that the bed is our home’s most important piece of furniture that provides us with tones of benefits. We have more and more knowledge about the different types of mattresses nowadays. Below, Nectar Bed reviews some of the most common types out there.

Nectar Bed Reviews Types of Mattresses

Firstly, there are the sprung mattresses. This means that they are fitted with a system of springs on the inside. As a rule of thumb, more springs also means that the mattress provides better support. However, not all springs are created equally, so you do have to know about the two key options:

  1. The innerspring mattress, which is fitted with coil springs. It provides amazing support. The mattress is also fitted with upholstery and the material of this upholstery will tell you how comfortable the bed will be. If the coils are of high quality, they will evenly distribute your weight all across the surface, ensuring you have fantastic support.
  2. The pocket spring mattress, which is the more expensive and luxurious type out there. The springs in these mattresses are lighter and smaller, and each one is placed inside a fabric pocket. This means that the springs work completely independently, constantly changing their shape with every movement you make so that every part of your body is properly supported. They also stop people from rolling together, which generally happens when you share your bed with someone.

Not all mattresses have springs fitted to them. They are more common, but people are starting to look for other types now as well, and many of those offer a truly fantastic alternative. Some of the options out there include:

  • The memory foam mattress, which is becoming increasingly popular. The foam was originally developed for NASA astronauts, but the patent was then released to the open market. The foam is designed to have a form-fitting, delayed response. This means that you feel as if you’re melting into your mattress. It follows the contour of your body perfectly and actually leaves an impression on the mattress when you get up, which slowly moves back again. One of the key benefits of memory foam is that it stops you from sleeping on your pressure points. It also fully protects your body and back, thereby avoiding common aches and pains.
  • The latex mattress, which is very durable and offers amazing support. It doesn’t mold itself to your shape as much as what memory foams does. However, it does recover much quicker, which means it is the better bed for people who move a lot in their sleep.

There are other types of mattresses out there, but these are the best known and certainly the most comfortable for you to consider.