If you are considering hiring a motivational keynote speaker, it will be because you want employees to get a new point of view. Selim Zherka specializes in motivational speaking, and particularly keynote speaking. This means that the speech is held at the start of an event, setting the attendants up for good spirits.

Selim Zherka Explains the Role of the Motivational Speaker

A keynote motivational speaker is someone who turns the event into a memorable one. They ensure that the whole event is smooth and runs properly. Management must be fully involved in organizing this, and in knowing what employee morale is like. Additionally, management has to know what their goals are in terms of what the keynote motivational speaker should achieve. This way, they can deliver a speech that actually works.

When a motivational speaker takes on this role, they must be a true expert in their chosen field. They cannot motivate others to behave or think in certain ways, if they don’t show that they actually know what they are talking about. Their ultimate responsibility is to make an organization more productive and, therefore, more profitable as well. They achieve this by being present during meetings, functions, events, and more. No two keynote motivational speeches will ever be the same.

The speaker must also know exactly what the standards and necessities of the organization that has hired them are. They must deliver a speech that connects to the audience in attendance at the event. But at the same time, they have to make sure that this connection stays with the audience even after they are finished with their speech. They often only speak for about 10 minutes or so, but what they say must impact and motivate those at the event for the rest of the day as a whole. This may sound like an impossible task, but research has shown again and again that good motivational speakers can make a true difference to the result and outcomes of an event.

Selim Zherka does state that organizations who want to bring in a motivational keynote speaker must be very clear about their expectations, listing exactly what the result is that they are hoping for. It will then be up to the speaker to deliver on that, using motivational terms, inspirational quotes, puzzles, games, authoritative speech, query solving sections, doubt clearance sections, and question and answer sections. Another big element that most motivational speakers add, is an element of enabling employees to describe their personal difficulties and problems that they are having with management and the company as a whole. It is also an opportunity for them to freely give their views on how the organization can become better. It is, at that point, also essential that the organization listens to what is being said. If they only pay lip service and don’t really follow up on what their employees say, then the motivational speech won’t work for long either.