When it comes to online enterprises one of the most viable options for anyone who wishes to purse a business is Amazon FBA. This business model enables entrepreneurs to sell products via Amazon which will then be handled and shipped by the online retailer. So grand is the opportunity that Amazon FBA offers that there are some courses which people can take to teach them more about how to grow a successful business using FBA. One of the most successful courses online is that ran by Nine University, and to find out exactly why it is so successful, we only need to look at the Nine University reviews that have been left online, check out what the students are saying.


Zero to Hero 

A common theme which recurs throughout those online reviews is that this is a course which is aimed at all levels, but particularly to those who have no prior experience of running a business, or making money online. There are many courses and opportunities online which claim that they can help you regardless of your skillset or experience, which sadly do not. In the case of Nine University however, it is clear that this is no scam, and there are genuine stories of people who have come from nothing and done very well for themselves. 


Something else which is commonly mentioned throughout the reviews is that this is a course which is not designed to just give you an introduction to the world of Amazon FBA but rather a course which is aimed at making people very successful when they launch their business. Nine University teaches its students to be elite level sellers, to find the best manufacturers, select the best products and display it all in a way that is going to maximize sales and therefore profit. This shouldn’t be confused with a basic intro to Amazon FBA, the guys at Nine University are clearly looking to create the very best. 

Multiple Resources

Students spoke about how much they love the range of resources available with this course, particularly important when you consider that everyone learns in a different way, and at different speeds. Something which students also loved was having their mentors on hand to offer realtime support whenever they ran into difficulties. This is the key to what Nine University do well, they haven’t just designed resources and then encouraged the students to be self-disciplined, they are actively teaching the course. 


Everyone comments on how hard the work is for those who want to be the very best, but the actual information which they are given has been designed to be very simple and easy to digest and understand. Even when discussing potentially challenging topics such as marketing and procurement, the course is designed in a concise way that really cuts through the guff and gets right to the point. 

Each review is an inspiring story of what people are able to achieve when they take on this course, and it is easy to see why subscription numbers are growing all the time.