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Education is a fundamental right of every human being, but not everyone is privileged enough to follow a rigid school schedule. However, science and technology progressed so much that now students can enroll in professional education courses without leaving their house.

Students all over the globe can pursue their education in fields like law, social work, computer science, healthcare administration, nursing, art, and many other areas, with the help of online masters of social work.

If you are wondering, “what kind of degrees can you get online?” then this article is for you. Here, you will get to know about different online courses and their scope.

The following are the most common online degree programs:

Computer science

It is the age of computer and technology due to which many corporate and private companies are preferring talented and skilled individuals in computer science. They have to level up their work according to the advancements. The competition between the companies is increasing with time; the only way to beat the competitors is to learn new technology.

The annual online education fees of computer science are not that much high compared to other courses. After completing your online education, you can pursue your career as a researcher, scientist, software programmer, web developer, and network architect. 

Business administration

It is among the most popular online education programs because after you complete your degree in business Administration, you get many career opportunities. If you want to pursue your career in business Administration, then you can enroll yourself for a bachelor’s program or a master’s program. After completing your education, you will get good salary jobs. High pay is the reason why most of the students prefer this online program.

A business administration degree provides you a detailed study about all the fundamentals related to the business world. According to the US census bureau, a person holding this degree can and up to 2.6 million dollars in his whole career.


You can also pursue your career in the education field from associate level to doctorate level according to your preference. If you are a child lover, then you will enjoy teaching them reading, writing mathematics, and basic manners.

Educational fields are not only related to teaching, but you can also work as a social worker, child psychologist, or as a daycare employee.

Nurse practitioners

Nursing is among the top respected professions of the world because it not only helps in improving the health of a patient but genuinely takes care of them. A nurse practitioner has a high training level and responsibilities as compared to other nursing courses. They have a license and have the right to prescribe medication.

Many platforms provide accredited online degree programs where students can enroll in nurse practitioner courses. After completion of this course, you will have to pass the state exam so that you can officially practice as a nurse. 


The competition in the business world is increasing drastically, and to attract customers, every company has its marketing strategies. The marketing field is all about research, skills, communication, and creativity.

When a company launches any product, they need their marketing team for promotion. There are different mediums of advertisements like email, social media, newspapers, television, and promotional events. The marketing team is the one who brings profit to a company. The salaries and other facilities of the employees are quite high as compared to other fields


The growth rate of the finance field is about 20%, which is higher than in many professions. If you pursue an education in finance, you can work as an annual forecast, budgeting, managing investment, become a financial planner, or you can work in the supervising team. The salaries of finance managers are quite impressive.


You can enroll yourself in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in statistics. This field is progressing because of the advancement in technology everyday research conduction occurs, and the result generates in a statistic form. Government or private sectors collect data and the analysis of data through statistics, and then a conclusion is given about that research. A Statistician can earn up to $86,000 annually and has a growth rate of about 35%.

 Graphic design

The animation and graphic design have become a necessity to connect promotion with the computer. There are many short term courses for graphic designing provided in which you can enroll yourself. If you pursue your career in graphic design, you can work in commercials and advertising on social media or websites to attract customers by the animation and beautiful art of graphic design.

This field does not have rigid education plans, which only require studying once; instead, you need to update yourself with the advancement in this field. On average, you can earn more than $66,000 annually.

 Software developer

Software developers are experts and creative individuals to make codes for new software educational programs and also helps in maintaining them. For a career in this field, you can also enroll yourself in a computer science program. This field has good earning ground because most of the organizations require software experts.

 Project management

Every industry is incomplete without a project manager. Project managers solve the problem and submit the projects on time with their leadership skills. This field is all about your interest, your intelligence and decision making can provide you precise knowledge about this field. The annual salary will depend upon the level and amount to projects you are handling.

 Web designer

Thousands of websites did not just happen; all these websites designing occurs through a complicated procedure. If you want to pursue your career in web designing, you can enroll in online courses. You should also have a creative and unique thinking style. 

Earning in this field is about $65,000 annually. You can work as a freelancer, or you can do a full-time job for an organization. 


An engineering course is among the most prestigious online degree programs. There are plenty of courses like electrical, civil, chemical, mechanical, agricultural, environmental, and marine engineering. You can select any of these courses according to your choice. In terms of earning, engineering is the best option where you can between $60,000 to $140000 annually.

 Substance abuse counselor

If you want to pursue your career in a field where not only you are earning good, but you are helping humanity as well, then a substance abuse counselor is an excellent choice. In this course, you will learn about how to counsel addicts.


There are many more online courses; each has its pros, cons, and earning perspective. While choosing your career, the first thing which you should follow is your interest. Select a job where you can enjoy your work. Mostly youngsters are suffering from drug addiction. It is not only harmful to their health, but a drug abuser also becomes a danger to the people around him. The career growth rate in this field is 24% due to the increasing drug abuse.