Since high school, most of us hear lots of stories about what a great and fun experience it is to study in college. However, when the time finally comes, and you become a student yourself, often, the reality turns out to be not as bright and inspiring as you’ve heard from others and seen in movies.

The life on campus is tough. Every day students are facing a good deal of issues and challenges they were not prepared for.

Coping with a large number of lectures and homework can be pretty stressful. To complicate matters, you will likely face a variety of troubles not related to academic life.

So, how can a student deal with all these issues? Luckily, despite a large number of stresses and challenges, your college life can be enjoyable and fun.

Yet, this is only possible if you know how to organize time wisely and know what tools you need to make the studying process simple.

From a wide variety of college tasks, writing assignments are usually the worst. Many students are continually struggling with composing academic papers. However, not many know that certain tools and resources can help them write smarter and better!

Below, we have collected some of the handiest tools that will help you cope with writing assignments easily. Let’s dive in!


The first resource on our list and, probably, the handiest one is EssayPro. This professional essay writing service that can make academic writing simple as A, B, C!

If you are always struggling with academic assignments, maybe all you need is a bit of help from a professional writer. That’s exactly what this service offers!

EssayPro connects students with a large pool of writers who can perform different tasks. All writers here are proven experts with MA or Ph.D. degrees and vast experience in writing college papers.

Using this service, you can buy an essay paper or any other work, as well as order proofreading or editing help.

This service is reliable. Thus, ordering papers here, you can be assured that they will be high-quality, unique, and delivered right on time!


In most cases, research is the most time-consuming stage in academic writing. For many decades, students had to spend long hours in libraries to find relevant materials for their papers. However, times have changed, and now, researching is made easy with tools like Mendeley.

What’s in for you on this resource? The main reason why Mendeley has made its way into our list is that it offers you a simple and effective way to search for the needed academic sources and access them from anywhere using your laptop.

Also, this platform offers a convenient referencing tool. With its help, you can cite the sources in a few simple clicks.

Finally, Mendeley allows you to collaborate with peers and discover tons of career development and funding opportunities. Without any doubt, it is a must-have tool for every student!

Purdue Online Writing Lab

This online resource is extremely helpful. Regardless of the skills, faculty, or academic level, it should be included in every student’s toolkit as the ultimate resource of tutorials, tips, and advice related to academic writing.

On this website, one can find plenty of articles, guides, and tutorials on how to reach clarity, quality, and perfect structure in papers!


Having issues with grammar and punctuation? That might become real trouble when it comes to academic writing.

No matter how great the content is, it won’t make a big difference if your essay is full of grammar mistakes. Therefore, every student should have a useful and convenient grammar checker at hand.

Without any doubt, Grammarly is one of the best checkers out there! It is intuitive in use and, most importantly, free.

This tool identifies grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and style issues. Also, there is a plagiarism checking tool. Thus, it is a perfect resource for proofreading and editing!

Hemingway App

Speaking of tools for editing, it is impossible to miss out on the Hemingway App because it is one of the best online resources that make writing simple.

By its main features, this resource is very similar to regular grammar checking tools. However, unlike Grammarly and other checkers, Hemingway App makes a more significant focus on readability and style.

This app will come in handy to everyone engaged in writing. It analyzes the text and makes suggestions on how to make it simpler, more readable, and smoother.

Final Words

Studying in college can be a real challenge. This is the time when teens become mature and independent. This transition brings along a whole range of problems that you may not be ready for. However, you are not alone there.

The majority of students all around the globe are facing similar issues! They are struggling to strike a balance between their academic and personal lives. Many are having issues with time-management, and often experience levels of stress that are far beyond measurable.

The good news is that your experience doesn’t necessarily have to be like that! Thanks to the Internet and modern technologies, you can make your studying process less stressful and, at the same time, more productive!

Hopefully, the tools and resources mentioned in this article will help each of you study smarter and easier. Add them to your toolbox, and you will forget how it feels to stay up all night, writing another boring essay!