If you’re not afraid of heights, can manage to lift heavy equipment, and enjoy being in the great outdoors, you may want to consider setting up your own tree surgeon business. Like with any startup company, it’s important that you know what you’re doing, so in order to reap the rewards, here is what you need to know before getting started.

Create a Business Plan

For your tree surgeon business to succeed, it’s important that you put the groundwork in and do as much research and planning as you can. Like with any business, you should have a business plan in place which can outline your objectives and goals, sales forecast, as well as how you are going to fund your venture. There are all sorts of costs that you will need to factor into your business plan, such as the need for tools and equipment. 


While there aren’t any legal requirements in place to train as a tree surgeon, it’s always best to enroll on a short course in tree surgery to ensure you stay safe and know what you’re doing. The more experience you get, the better, so learning more about how to manage trees, as well as how to identify disease can help you on your way. You will need to understand how to use ropes, harnesses, and equipment, so to get more experience under your belt, you may want to consider volunteering for an organization.

Costs and Fees

When starting out, you may want to consider working as a freelance tree surgeon for other businesses. Getting your name out there and approaching companies in your local area should be your first port of call. There are various pieces of equipment that you will need to invest in, including chainsaws, as well as protective equipment like a fall protection harness such as this DBI Sala harness, gloves, goggles, and a helmet.

While you may be happy working for others, for those who want to grow their own business, you will need to purchase a truck to remove trees, branches, and greenery from the property or land that you have been working on. There is also the potential to sell the trees you have cut down as firewood, however, you will need to have the storage space to fit the wood in, and when you factor in that it can take up to a year for firewood to properly season, having as much room as possible is crucial.

Marketing Your Business

Once you’ve gathered enough experience and you’re ready to go it alone, it can be daunting to know where to start. The way you market and promote your tree surgeon company can be the make or break when it comes to growing your business. To begin with, setting up a business page on Facebook can be a good way to ‘branch’ out to potential customers. You should also have your own business website and blog that customers can visit to learn more about what you do, and how to contact you.

Gaining qualifications, experience, and knowing how to market and promote your market tree care businesses is important. The more skills and knowledge you have under your belt, the better. Spreading awareness of your services can help attract new customers to your company.