I made a decision at the end of the summer that I would begin my health kick at the end of October and beginning of November, and it could prove to be the smartest decision I have ever made. I got the idea from someone online who uses the same beauty clinic as I do, Sono Bello. The woman was writing one of the Sono Bello reviews about laser liposuction and she alluded to this wonderful idea of losing weight before the holiday season.

You may think I’m mad for trying this, but here is why I am.

Head Start

We all know that we add some extra pounds on over the holiday season with all of the candy, cheese, meat, snacks, and every other type of food that you can think of. Usually we all hit the gym in January to try and make up for what we have done. When you start your health kick before the holiday season however, you can really get a head start on January. There is nothing wrong with taking a short break over Christmas time, in fact, this makes more sense than ignoring your health for a whole 2 months before January, just because you want to have a week of gluttony.

Quiet Gyms

I am not someone who enjoys going to the gym and even less so when it is packed with large groups of people, all of whom seem to know what they are doing better than myself. January is an awful time to visit the gym as every man and his dog have the same idea. When you hit the gym in October/November time, you will find them to be very quiet and relaxing, the perfect environment to get your health kick underway.

Comfort Veg

As the dark nights draw in and the weather cools, it is the season for eating comfort food and thankfully, a large amount of these cosy dishes use a great deal of healthy and fresh seasonal veg. Some times I have difficulty getting enough veg into my diet but with casseroles and soups a plenty, this is the perfect season to boost your veg intake.

Covering Up

During these colder months we often layer up or cover ourselves up with thick coats and jackets, thus hiding our weight. What this means is that if you are losing weight during this time, not many people will notice the difference for quite sometime as they will only see you covered up. This means that once the weather warms and you start showing off a bit more, you’ll really get that wow factor from those who know you when they see how much weight you’ve lost.


And finally, going on a health kick right now can drastically help to reduce the guilt that you feel when you do overdo it during the holiday season. There is nothing saying that you can’t go a bit crazy at Christmas, but losing weight first can make you feel much better about it.