Taking your Jeep off-road can be a lot of fun. Hitting the trails, climbing over rocks and fording through mud is a lot of fun. However, you need the right setup for your Jeep to fully enjoy it. For example, if you are going to get out into the great outdoors, you will need the right off road truck tires. The following information will help you find the right ones.

Tire Types

Unsurprisingly, there are several types of off-road tires. While they may be marketed differently in some cases, they largely fall into three categories:

  • All-Terrain: As the name suggests, these are generalist off-road tires. They can handle most situations adequately well. Their interlocking treads are well-suited for snow, roads, mud and ice. They are typically the least expensive type of off-road tire.
  • Mud: If you want to really focus on mudding, these tires may be the right choice. They have special designs that let them get traction even in the most challenging circumstances. Typically, they also feature heavy-duty construction.
  • Snow: These tires have special patterns that help them to get as much grip as possible in the snow. They are also designed with special compounds that help them to stay soft and effective even in very low temperatures.

There are some other types of tires available for other specialty off-road situations. However, the above are the most common.

Finding the Right Size

Think about what size wheels and tires you want to have. If you are installing a lift kit, you can put larger wheels in your vehicle.

The factory tire size for Jeep Wranglers is 255 75 R 17. This means that it is 255mm wide with a ratio of height to width of 75%. The R indicates that it is a radial tire. Finally, it is designed for a 17-inch rim.

You can install larger rims on your vehicle if you like. However, this mostly only benefits the looks. Alternatively, you can increase the ratio of height to width to get a more off-road-ready tire.

How To Go Bigger

If you want to go really big with your tires, you will likely need to lift your vehicle. This can be achieved with either a suspension lift or a body lift. Many people opt to do both because body lift kits are significantly less expensive.

However, it is worth noting that bigger wheels can start to get expensive quickly. Tires that are more than 35-inches for the outside diameter can be costly. Plus, you will also need more aggressive lifts. So, the price can go up quite rapidly. Make sure you know your budget before deciding on the size and type of tires you intend to buy. Also, remember that you will likely need to replace them periodically.

Learn More

Discover more about tires and wheel for your Jeep. With Fox suspension lift kits, new wheels and a few accessories, you could be ready to take on every trail that life can throw at you. Think about which options will work for you and help with your future off-road adventures.