Moving house is a stressful time. If you’re moving to a new location in the country or even in the world altogether? That just amplifies the stress.

To take some of the stress off you while you’re packing for a move, we’ve written this article. In it, you’ll find some helpful advice on how to pack for moving so you don’t go insane.

Start with a Declutter

The first step to take in any moving process is to declutter your home

As time goes on, the inevitable result in any household is you just begin to accumulate stuff. A lot of this stuff is just garbage that you never need or use. There’s no reason for you to take this stuff with you to this new place to take up unnecessary space.

In addition, consider that reducing the number of items that you need to be moved can help you with saving money if you decide to use a moving company.

Identify Essential Items

When you get to your new house, there will be a lot of things that you’ll need to start using straight away. Such things may include basic toiletries, kitchenware, chargers for your devices, and the like.

The last thing you want to do after an exhausting move is to wade your way through all of the boxes that have come in to find those essential items.

Instead, pack those essential items into separate boxes. Make sure that they are the last boxes loaded on the moving truck. That way, they’ll be the first boxes to come off when you reach your destination, making all those essential items in them much easier to access. 

Pack One Room at a Time

It can be tempting to leave some of the harder stuff to pack, like clothes as you go through each room. However, by packing up the entirety of a room, one at a time, you’ll be able to better organize your stuff. In addition, you can just relocate all of the boxes that contain the stuff for each room into the new room in your new home. This makes the unpacking process far, far easier.

Packing each room at a time will also ease your stress by allowing you to see your packing progress visually.

Clearly Label All Boxes

The last thing to consider as you start packing for your move is that you should always clearly label all boxes. You should keep a running list of all the major categories of items that are contained in the box. Write that list in sharpie on the box so that you know what’s in where.

This way, you won’t spend hours searching for stuff as you unpack.

Packing for a Move, Made Simple

With this advice under your belt, packing for a move will be much simpler. It’s a stressful process, so be sure to ease the mental pressure by following these tips.

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