Here in Seattle we have some fantastic community projects which reach far and wide to help the forest and the most needy, as well as those who need some inspiration. One person who is behind much of these community projects is the wonderful Peter Zieve, CEO of the company Electroimact and a man who holds Mukilteo, Washington very much in his heart. I wanted to blog a little about how we can inspire others to give back in the comment and in order to get some ideas I was able to catch up with the great man himself, and see what Mr. Zieve thought about it.


The first point that Peter makes is that much of this support should be coming from local politicians in the first place and that each of us must make our voices heard at the polling booths. Politics does play a key role in this so if there is a local campaign taking place, be sure that you pay attention to what they say that they will do in the community.

Local Businesses

Here in Mukilteo we are very lucky to have a number of local businesses who loved to get involved with community outreach work. Aside from Peter and his company the local Herald news often gets involved, so too do local sports teams. The community can be described as a number of different people and these business are represented by such people, and give time for the rest of their community.


Peter firmly believes that our children should be actively encouraged from an early age to understand their community and to aspire to work within it, and help to form the fabric of the community that we all desire. Children will of course by inspired by what they see around them but it is also up to the schools to teach children how to be community spirited and how they can get involved in community-basedactivities.


Whenever there is a national or global crisis we often hear people making statements such as charity beginning at home, but how many of these people are actually focussed on what is happening on their front porch? As a community it is vital that we are not only sharing the positive things that we have done in the community, but also sharing what and where needs support in our communities, and try to encourage people to take part. Congratulating yourself is certainly important when it comes to positive action in the community but we also need to be honest and hard hitting to those who are able to help, but are not supporting just yet.

We need to get the community spirit back in our beloved cities and towns, and through inspiring others and having open and honest conversations we can do exactly that!