The beauty industry is rapidly growing, with global revenue estimated to be around $532 billion by the year 2023. This growth is being driven by new sectors within the industry, including natural and organic products, professional services such as makeup artist training courses and microblading salons, and even tech-driven beauty treatments like 3D-printed beauty masks. As people become more conscious of their skin and hair care needs, the demand for products, services and treatments continues to surge. With all these advancements and offerings, it’s no wonder why the beauty industry is booming!

Most beauty businesses have a clear brand and spokesperson.  Often the face of the company is the owner. More than most businesses, launching a beauty brand takes a lot of thought about the image and quality you want to embody in what you are selling.  Across the range of beauty businesses, such as salon owners, social media influencers, product reviewers, and even product makers, consumers will look to the public figure of the business to decide whether what they are selling is trustworthy and worthwhile.  

Walk the Walk

When the owners and employees of a company like and use their own products, that is a great indicator that other people will want to buy and use that product too.  Everyone associated with the business should be a brand ambassador.  That means understanding and enjoying the beauty products your company makes or sells.  

Remember that much of modern marketing is word of mouth, buzz, and real-time social media.  If you sell the glossiest, prettiest nail polish, then you and all of your employees should be wearing that polish every day.  Consumers need to know that when you tout the qualities of a product, you are happy to walk the walk of utilizing that product in your real life, not just in a sales meeting.

Ensure Quality

It’s important for businesses selling beauty products to ensure they not only live up to the promises they make, but also maintain a high quality product which will inspire consumer confidence. With integrity and trust, businesses can create relationships with their customers built on the foundation of quality.  Quality is the cornerstone of a lasting beauty business.  Customers want peace of mind when making purchases that will go on their skin and bodies.  

Every beauty brand should fully test and try each product before promoting it. Obviously, beauty product makers need to build quality control into their manufacturing processes.  However, the obligation to ensure quality doesn’t end with the manufacturer.   Store owners and reviewers should also be sure that what they sell and promote is safe and well made.  It’s easier than ever to do skincare product testing through do-it-yourself tests or laboratory vendors.  If you are putting your name behind the product, this step is absolutely vital.  

Know Your Science

When it comes to beauty products, sellers should have a basic understanding of scientific and medical terms related to the items they are selling.   If you sell skin products, learn the common medical terms like epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin, and sebum, an oily substance secreted by glands in the skin that helps keep skin soft and supple.  If you sell hair care products, understand the chemical and structural differences between different hair types.

Taking the time to learn about It may not be the most fun part of the job, but remember that your customers need to trust you and see you as an authority.  The more you know, the more they will know that they can rely on you for beauty guidance. 

Bring In Experts

You are human.  You don’t know everything.  It’s a great idea to bring experts in from outside your company, to help you communicate with your clients and audience. You will not only seem more relatable, but you will also show your customers that you are willing to be honest and upfront about what you haven’t learned yet.   For example, bringing a dermatologist on as a guest speaker to your vlog will show your viewers that you are committed to excellence.  If you bring in experts to train your staff, feel free to brag about that in your marketing and advertising.  Customers will be interested and pleased to know that you maintain high levels of educational standards for everyone in your company.