Did you know that the annual death rate in the US increased by 19% between 2019 and 2020?

The final farewell can be very personal, but one thing almost all mourners agree on is that they want their loved one’s wishes honored.

If your family member specified cremation in their will or estate plans, it’s important that their wishes are carried through. For others, cremation might seem like a new or unusual choice.

How does cremation work, and how can it benefit your family? Here are a few reasons we think a cremation service is a great option.

1. Cost-Effective

A cremation service is one of the most cost-effective burial options available. The average cost of a traditional burial service can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. This depends on the location, services, and cemetery fees.

Depending on the crematorium and services, cremation costs $500 to several thousand dollars. No casket, burial ground, or burial vault is needed, making cremation even cheaper.

The cremation ashes also don’t require an expensive final resting place as they can be spread in various places, such as in a favorite spot, in a river, or at sea. All of these elements combined make affordable cremation services a practical option for many people. This cremation service here can offer this great benefit.

2. Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cremation

Cremation is an eco-friendly choice for end-of-life services. It offers many environmental benefits: lower emissions, reduced energy consumption, and reduced waste. It can even have the potential to create a natural resource through the creation of biofuel.

3. Can Be Turned Into Jewelry

Turning cremated ashes into jewelry is one of the key benefits of cremation services. This makes it easy to keep the memory of your loved one close at all times. Jewelry can be made from the ashes and come in a variety of styles, from pendants and rings to bracelets.

It’s even possible to get the ashes specially designed into a piece of artwork. By getting a keepsake made from the ashes, it’s possible to ensure that the memory of the deceased person lives on as they had done.

4. Less Than the Amount of Space Necessary

Cremation services are important considerations for those with limited living space. When someone is cremated, they take up a lot less space in the world. This gives them a sense of closure and makes room for family members.

Additionally, the deceased’s ash can be stored in decorative cremation urns and placed in a designated spot – hardly taking up any space at all. All ashes can be safely kept for decades, and for those who want to keep physical reminders of their loved ones.

5. Can Be Transported Anywhere

Cremation services give families the freedom to move the bodies of their loved ones to any place they want. Having the ability to scatter ashes from a special place or keep them close by can be a comforting experience for remaining family members.

Cremated remains do not possess the same weight and bulk as traditional burials and can be more easily transported than bodies.

Choose the Best Cremation Service for Your Needs

Overall, cremation offers a variety of benefits, including cost savings, simplicity, convenience, and personalization. With so many positive aspects to consider, it’s no surprise that cremation is on the rise.

If you or a loved one are considering a cremation service, reach out to your local funeral home for more information.

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