Annual rainfall is something that you need to consider when moving to a new region, whether for a short time or permanently. The amount of rainfall in an area determines various aspects of your life in the region. Here are some of the issues that depend on the amount of rainfall you receive in an area.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing helps protect your home from water damage and flooding. Depending on the area of the country that you live and the amount of rainfall you receive, the basement can be a disaster that is just waiting to happen.

Annual rainfall affects your basement waterproofing in a simple way – the more the ground is saturated with water, the more strain on your home foundation from the surrounding ground. With more water pushing down against the foundation, the more damage to your basement wall. The amount of rainfall you receive each year helps you determine the proper level of waterproofing you need.

With the high amount of rainfall each year, you need to install footer drains to drain water away from the home and redirect it somewhere else. You might need to clean your drains regularly to remove any obstruction.

Garden Growth

Do you want to set up a garden and see it flourish? Then proper timing is essential. Above average rainfall provides the necessary water and nutrients to the plants. With the right amount of rainfall, you can make various decisions including:

  • Flowers – the kind of rainfall that you receive dictates what kind of flowers to plant. For instance, you can choose warm-season annuals or perennials depending on the rainfall patterns.
  • Vegetables – sweet potatoes, corn, radishes, sunflowers, radishes and many other vegetables grow well in warming weather. Since the weather is becoming warm, you can go ahead and plant the seeds in the ground without the need for using starter plants that you grow indoors.
  • Herbs – if you wish to get some returns from your garden, then you can plant herbs and use them in the home or sell them off. Basil, rosemary, thyme, mint and other herbs give you herbs for daily use. The best thing is that the cost of planting and taking care of the herbs is just a small fraction of the cost of buying herbs from the store.

Fruit trees – if you have a love for trees, then you need the right timing in order to plant them and get something out of them. Trees are a joy to look at and add some colour to your backyard. Poor planning and timing lead to weak blossoms and fruit that fall off on their own even before they mature. With the perfect timing and enough water, hire Houston tree care experts for your trees grow faster and blossom sooner.

Building Your Home

The amount of rainfall affects the kind of roof you choose to install on your building when setting it up. This is also true if you are adding a roof to an existing home.

Roofing needs the expert eye of a professional builder especially in an area that has frequent rainfall. You wouldn’t want to take chances in such a region. A few spots on the roof can turn ugly any time when the rains come down. So, if you have been saving some money on roofing by doing it yourself, you need to change your tactic and go pro. This is because the roofing might become expensive sooner than you think.

The amount of rain that you receive each year dictates the kind of roof you choose. For starters, you need a roof that can withstand the constant beating of the rain for months on end, for several years.

How Do You Gauge the Amount of Rain?

We have been mentioned it severally, “knowing the amount of rainfall”, but you must be asking yourself how to measure rainfall. There are various methods of how rainfall is measured, just pick one method and use it. You have to use the tool when it is raining in order to know how much rain you receive.

Final Thoughts

For you to enjoy the benefits that your property offers, you need to make sure that you choose the perfect location and set up your home and the surroundings the best way possible.