You may never think that you need a legal team, or that you would ever have to know a lawyer, but there are in fact many eventualities which life throws at us which may actually see you needing to lawyer up. This is not to say of course that you need to have a law firm on speed dial, but you should certainly take any opportunity which you get to stay in a legal expert’s good graces, or to keep a contact card handy.

Here are just some examples of why you may very well need that lawyer, no matter how likely you think it is.

Personal Injury

A personal injury can happen anywhere and at anytime and if it has happened and it isn’t your fault, then you will need to look for a team of legal professionals who can help you. Experts in the field like Naqvi injury lawyers see this all of the time and their most voluminous clients are people who have had zero experience with the law during their lives. Whether it is an accident in the street or in the workplace, if it wasn’t your fault, you’ll be needing that lawyer.


Now the large majority of us are very responsible when it comes to driving and drinking, ensuring that we don’t mix the two, but there is always a chance that we may get caught out. Over 60% of all DUI stops are as a result of people having drank the evening before, and miscalculated when they will be alright to drive again. If there is a DUI situation then you are going to have to get yourself a lawyer to ensure that every aspect of the stop and your processing has been completed correctly.


Nobody likes the idea of thinking about getting divorced but given that the average divorce rate is over 50%, it is clear that whilst it is never planned in the beginning, divorces do happen. A divorce could involve children, assets and many other potential obstacles which is why a legal expert will be required to help . In such a situation it is essential to have a great lawyer on board to not only help execute and process the divorce, but also to provide some level of support during what is undoubtedly a difficult time.


Last year was saw the highest number of land disputes between neighbours since records began and although you may think that you know what space you own around your property, it only takes a neighbour to contest it and you could find yourself in need of a legal team to help you to fight the claim. Even if you get on well with your neighbours now, if someone moves out then you may very well have a potential situation on your hands.

Naturally the hope is that you never do need a legal team or even an individual lawyer but the reality is that you never know, and you don’t have to be a criminal to find out.