If you have never played golf before, you probably want to know which clubs you should use for what. According to Robert Mims Memphis is a great way to learn how to play golf, not in the least because it offers such a wonderful community. People can really get together and learn about the sport, whether they are a freshman in university or the CFO of a huge Louisville foundation. Everybody is equal on the green, in other words.

Robert Mims Memphis Golf

There are a number of key clubs to be aware of, being:

  • The putter. This club is used once the ball has arrived on the green. The goal is to get it into the hole itself. This takes a lot of accuracy and control, which the putter is perfect for. It comes in lots of different models, and most people have to try different putters to find the one that works best for them. Usually, however, they have a choice of one of three styles and one of three lengths. It is important to simply try them all out and find the one that you feel is best for you.
  • The irons. Like the woods, these have numbers associated with it. That number tells you how high and how far a ball can be hit with it. These are made from metal, usually steal. They are very thin with a grooved face. Different irons exist depending on your level of expertise. Beginners tend to go for the cavity back.
  • The wedges, which are a specialized iron. They are more accurate on shorter distances and many call them the scoring club. There are three different ones, but the pitching wedge is used by beginners. The lob and gap wedge are for those with experience.
  • The woods. If you see a ball that has been fired for a huge distance, this is the type of club that was used. They have deep club heads made from titanium or steel (not wood, although they were originally wood). If you follow the exact guideline, there are different woods available, being the driver (1-wood) and the fairways (3-wood and 5-wood). Tiger Woods himself has been cited as saying that the driver is the hardest club to get to grips with, being so long and hard to control.

Mims finds it very interesting that little is shared about the different types of clubs. It is almost as if all golfers are automatically “in the know about them”. Earlier last year, in August, however, he received a report about the arrest of a younger person. Apparently, he was booked on a shoplift charge. As part of his foundation work, Mims agreed to mentor the young man and he took him on a golf course. This is when he found out that the “uninitiated” know very little about the different clubs and what they mean. Hence, he hopes that the above information will serve someone with an interest in the sport.