Many, if not most, companies these days require their employees to wear some form of security ID card. This makes total sense, since ID cards are effective against theft, and effective in restricting access to certain work areas. They also foster a sense of togetherness in an office, and can be a way of expressing company pride.

They can be, for some people however, difficult to pull off. You’ve spent all morning curating a perfect outfit, only to have to throw an ID badge overtop of it. You’ve bought a perfectly sophisticated pair of dress pants only to have to clip a card on it. Wearing an ID card can seem inelegant, but it doesn’t have to be – embracing the ID badge as both a fashion accompaniment and a mode of expression is the way to go. Here are a few ways to rock an ID badge at work.

Custom Lanyard

A lanyard is that strap that you wear around your neck, to which the badge is affixed, and it can be a great canvas for custom text and images. Order a custom lanyard from a place specializing in ID cards, like Avon Security Products here in Canada, and wear your heart on your neck.

If the store can’t buy the right one, or you want some unique personalized lanyards, you can come to They can create custom lanyards of your own to rock your ID badge. You can choose from a range of colours and styles, and even pick up multiple lanyards to go with different outfits. No longer will you have to wear that work-issued purple lanyard with every outfit, regardless of whether it clashes – you can treat your lanyard like just another accessory, and customize it. If you tend to wear neutral tones to work, like black, grey and white, consider using the lanyard as an accenting splash of colour, like orange or blue. This adds a subtle amount of informality to an outfit.

A Badge Reel With Attitude

Perhaps you have an ID badge that isn’t worn around the neck. Some companies prefer using the badge reel – a string reel attached to your pocket or belt, affixed to the card, that can be easily drawn and pulled – especially if you have an office that requires you to swipe or tap your card. Having a badge reel jangling from your waist isn’t the worst thing, since it’s relatively inconspicuous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up a little.

Instead of the average black badge reel, shake things up with a custom badge reel. A company might choose to customize a badge reel with its logo or tagline, which can make it look more visually interesting, or you the employee can choose a colourful one to use.

Magnetic Badge Holders

Of course, if you don’t want to clip something to your waist (for fear of damaging your clothes over time), and you’re just not that into the lanyard look, you can rock an ID badge subtly with a magnetic badge holder, which is a fold-over magnet that clips on either side of your pants- or shirt pocket. It’s a good compromise for those who don’t like either badge reels or lanyards.

In summary, it’s easy to rock an ID badge. Just think outside of the box a little bit with your choice of badge accompaniment, and work it into your outfit as an accessory. An ID card may identify you – but only you can make it part of your unique identity.