A home’s windows serve several really important functions. They serve as a beauty element providing a means of breaking up the opaque parts of the home and because they can be virtually and shape, size and pattern they are used to create amazing aesthetics for both the home’s exterior and interior.

They also function as the primary way to get light into the home. Because windows can be transparent or translucent, light can be brought in at different levels and quality making them both functional as well as an intricate part of any of any home’s design strategy.

Finally, because most windows can open, they function as a means of allowing air and airflow into and through the home. The proper placement of windows can both help a home feel cool year round and help a homeowner save lots of money on home cooling costs throughout the year.

For all of these reasons, windows are one of the most important parts of a home. To make sure they provide everything they can, a homeowner needs to make sure that they are operating correctly and serviced properly when not.

Check Your Windows Regularly

Window Panes – Because window panes are nearly always made of glass and they can take some abuse from wind, you need to check them regularly to ensure that they are not broken or cracked. Additionally you should check the window seals. This is the area where the window meets the frame. Windows are held to the frame by a sealant and this sealant can wear away over time. The sealing around windows is extremely important to eliminating drafts that will cause your cooling bills to rise in the summer and heating bills to skyrocket in the winter. If there are any leaks in these seals, they need to be repaired immediately with more sealant.

Window Frames – The window frames may be made of wood or today more and more they are made of some type of plastic. You can check to see when that when you slide the window it moves smoothly in its track and closes securely. Over time window frames can lose their tight seals and again you will have air leaking in and out of your home causing you to spend more on heating and cooling and being unable to maintain the temperature you would like in your home.

Opening Mechanism – Windows also use some type of opening and closing mechanism that will typically be made from metal or plastic. Just like any mechanical device, these mechanisms can become broken and fall into disrepair over time if not checked and serviced regularly. They are often the first and most likely parts of a window to fail.

If you spot any problems with any areas of your windows, you need to repair it immediately. Cracks in your windows will turn into breaks, and a small seal problem will get bigger if left unattended. Best to check your windows on a monthly basis and do not put a window repair off of a problem you find in summer, because when the winter comes you will truly regret it.