Is direct mail dead? Far from it – direct mail continues to generate leads for B2B businesses with a better recall rate than almost any other channel. In a world where digital is regularly declared king, direct mail has novelty, and in the right campaign, it’s far more effective. Before diving into how a direct mail campaign can be successful, first you need the numbers on what direct mail can do for you and how it stacks up against other marketing channels.

Direct Marketing ROI – ROI is your guide to marketing preferences. On average, email campaigns have the highest ROI at 21-23%, but they also have one of the lowest response rates. Next is telemarketing at 19-20% and 15-17% for direct mail.

Cost of Entry for Direct Mail – One of the factors holding back direct mail is cost-of-entry. Large companies rated direct mail 137% more effective than smaller companies in 360 Leads’ Black Report, an extensive report on B2B marketing performance. Direct mail campaigns can be prohibitive for smaller companies who would rather focus on telemarketing and email campaigns. However, companies that do have the resources to invest in direct mail see results.

Maximizing Direct Mail – In one of their case studies, B2B lead company 360 Leads says they achieved a 74% recall rate in a direct mail campaign for Toshiba Canada, while for other clients they’ve achieved 13 to 1 ROI. Meaningful and timely campaigns conducted by a B2B lead company that can coordinate multi-channel communication produce better results.

If you want tips to optimize your direct mail campaign, start working with a B2B lead company that can help you grow. A B2B direct mail campaign needs to be meaningful and timely. Here’s what you need to know about running a direct mail campaign:

  • Make it relevant. Attention spans are shorter than ever and B2B buyers see a lot of advertising directed to their business. Appeal directly to your audience with a creative idea and make your value proposition stand out.
  • Target your audience. Direct marketing is most effective for a defined audience. A B2B lead company will know the companies they’re mailing to, as well as key decision-makers. A laser-precise targeted audience works best for bulky mail, which has higher investment costs but delivers better recalls and returns.
  • Multi-channel outreach gets better results. Telemarketing and email are necessary follow ups to direct mail. While almost half of B2B recipients of direct mail save it for future reference, you’re still taking a passive stance once it arrives. You’re not done once the mail arrives, you’re only just beginning.

Lead generation companies have the know-how and the resources to conduct effective multi-channel campaigns that integrate telesales with digital and direct mail marketing. Support your sales team with a sales funnel that always flowing. Your bottom line depends on sales and your sales depend on a healthy sales funnel that always has qualified leads. Invest in lead generation and reap the rewards.