Currently, the population of Perth is about 2,042,000. You can find that the city is a centre for government and business, which controls the Western Australian economy. Being the centre of government and business, there’s bound to be a big market leading to businesses competing to gain the top spot in search engine results.

Most of the businesses in Perth achieve the top spot in search engine rankings because they already have an in-house SEO specialist or they might have hired an SEO agency. Agencies providing services regarding SEO in Perth is a good option as you won’t have to spend much money on the resources for an in-house SEO team. But whether you decide to hire a specialist or not, there are some simple tips that can be handy when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation and they are: 

 1. Avoid Slow-Loading Websites

Back then, people were patient in dealing with web pages that went loading for 3 to 5 minutes. Today, a website loading for a minute is not a good sign anymore. Anyone from Perth who visits a website expects it to load within 1 to 3 seconds. A slow-loading page is frustrating and will drive your target audience away. One way of improving your website’s loading page is to remove unnecessary elements such as useless widgets, unrelated videos, etc. 

 2. Write Engaging Content

Some businesses in Perth still use the old SEO writing method, focusing on the keywords more, rather than writing content that feels more personal. Most people will find it boring to read whenever it doesn’t sound engaging, or when there is no valuable content. Some still use this method because it drives more traffic to their website, but that is not the case nowadays. 

 Writing an article as if you’re talking to the people is one good way to create a high-quality and engaging article. You can write about different topics. For instance, how to pay using credit cards, which shoe repair business should I turn to, or how to choose the best Indian restaurant in Perth, when you can provide what the residents of Perth are looking for, they’ll be more enticed to read more of it. 

 3. Write Meta Descriptions for Each Page

When you search for a service or product and see the first search result, you might see a short description below the link. This description is a meta description and is often overlooked by some companies in Perth because they think it’s not as important. But if you have already written meta descriptions, make sure that each one you write is unique for the web page. This helps major search engines avoid removing your web page from search results because giant search engines do not accept duplicate content. 

 4. Using Backlinks to Relevant Websites

You may think that adding backlinks to other websites in your article is bad because it may take the readers off the page. Some companies don’t know that link building is one of the basic elements of SEO strategies. If you plan on adding backlinks, make sure that you choose trustworthy, relevant links. 

 5. Optimise Images

Every website needs unique, high-quality, appealing photos to give consumers an idea of what the website provides. A good tip is to avoid using stock images found on tons of other websites. If you can provide unique, quality photos of your own, Google Images’ can potentially place your photo at the top of the search results, linking it to the page where it’s on. You can use the city of Perth to your advantage when taking photos for your business. If it fits the theme, you can take photos in famous tourist spots such as the Kings Park and Botanic Garden or the Swan Valley.

 SEO is a confusing subject to tackle, especially if you’re still new to it. Fortunately, you have specialists for SEO in Perth who can assist you in optimising your website. Once you hire them, your website is bound to reach your target audience from in no time.