Buying a proxy for your home or business is a groundbreaking change, which will absolutely revolutionize your security systems. With the right proxy you will be able to enjoy a bunch of benefits, while getting top rated security, online anonymity and excellent internet speeds. However, before you make that big purchase, it is important to do some research and make a checklist of what too look for in the ideal proxy for your needs. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you buy residential proxies


Always remember that purchasing a proxy is not just a one time thing, but it is a long term financial commitment. Thus, the biggest thing you need to keep in mind is the right budget. There are a number of excellent proxies available in the market, which offer industry grade security, impossible data encryption, absolute anonymity, etc but not only are these unnecessary for most users, these are also quite expensive. Before you start your shopping set yourself a budget cap, which you absolutely cannot exceed and do your research within this range only.

Data security level

All proxies offer do basic internet security and anonymity but in case there is a need for advanced security, there are proxies, which do offer practically military grade encryption and often it is almost impossible to detect. There are tons of options for customization, such as the choice to retain or change IPs, maintenance of these addresses and more. You simply need to know exactly what kind of data security you are looking for, and that will help you make a right choice.

Number of proxies and locations

One thing you must always ask your proxy provider before you make a purchase is that how many proxies as well locations that you can connect to. The larger the number of proxies are available, the lower are your risks of getting your IP address identified, or blocked. When your provider offers you a wide choice of locations, this will help you access a larger amount of content which are available in different regions of the world. Choosing an option with a larger number of proxies and locations will give you better security, stability and more value for your money. 

Support system

Last, but not the least, one extremely important thing you need to look up on is the post-sale customer service and support that a provider offers its clients. The best bet would be to choose a provider that offers twenty four hours of support, even on holidays and weekends. While it might seem something not that essential, you do not know when you would need help with troubleshooting and if there is no help, you can lose out on important work or have to deal with the unnecessary stress of the lack of security. The best bet here would be to read up tons of customer reviews on social media as well as proxy forums to get experienced views.

Getting the right proxy is extremely crucial for your systems. Understanding your needs and doing some quality research will be the best way to make the right choice. Do not shy away from asking questions and read the terms of service carefully before buying.