From immigration requirements to university prerequisites, English proficiency tests have become a necessity. These tests are administered so that the party that requires the test can determine if you have a good grip on the language. 

In most countries, besides their regional languages, English is the uniting factor that helps immigrants blend in with the local populace. Likewise, as more and more students prefer to go for international universities, English tests have become a prerequisite to determine if the students can understand the course as majority courses are taught in English. 

For native English speakers, these tests are easy as they don’t require any preparation. For a language that comes naturally to them, these tests are a breeze. However, if you don’t have a good grip on the language, these tests can prove to be a little tricky and may require some additional practice. 

While studying on your own is always an option, if you think the stakes are too high and your skills need some polishing, then you can consider getting an english tutor. However, If you are looking for ways to ace your English language tests on your own, here are some easy tips to help you through it.

Make reading a habit 

English proficiency tests are usually composed of multiple parts. These parts may include sections for reading, writing, and speaking. If you want to ace the reading parts, then your reading skills must be top-notch. If English is your second language, then the best way to brush up on those reading skills is by taking up reading as a recreational activity. Whether it’s newspapers to give you your daily dose of information or books to entertain you, you need to be constantly reading. Reading will not only help you brush up on your vocabulary but also improve your speaking skills as you will learn new sentence structures.

Take frequent timed tests 

With the internet, you have an abundance of tools at your disposal that can help you ace that test. For any test, there are a thousand different practice tests available not only on the internet but also as books. You can use these tests to test yourself over and over again to see where you stand. One mistake that people often make while practicing for these tests is that they don’t take timed tests. So while they perform exceptionally well during untimed tests at home, they often freeze up and fail during timed tests. This happens because the scarcity of time confuses them. To avoid that happening to you, you need to make sure to take plenty of timed tests. This way, you can see which part of the test you need to assign more time to and which you can do in a limited amount of time.

Brush up on your vocabulary 

English tests often confuse test takers by using words that they would not have experienced in real life. Vocabulary building is a very important part of the preparation for these tests. If you want to build upon your vocabulary skills, memorizing words off a paper is not going to do the trick. You may learn the spelling and the general gist of these new words, but you might never understand the context in which they could be used. The right way to increase your vocabulary is by reading books and watching tv shows or the news. This way, you can hear or read the words being used in the right context. Furthermore, you can also brush up on your vocabulary through specific apps that will help by teaching you new words and testing you on these words. The more words you expose yourself to, the more refined your vocabulary might become.

Watch TV shows or movies without subtitles 

The best tried and tested way to make sure that your English skills are taken up a notch is to watch plenty of English TV shows and movies. For most people growing up in strange places around the world, sitcoms like Friends were their first lessons in English. You need to ensure that whatever movie or TV show you watch, you are watching it without subtitles. That way, you will not only learn to discern different types of accents, but it might help you a lot in the hearing part of your test. Subtitles will only distract you from trying to understand the words audibly as you might have a visual cue right in front of you. While watching these things, note down any words that you are unfamiliar with and look them up.

Work on your writing skills 

Writing prompts are usually a big part of language proficiency tests. These tests are to determine if the test taker can do basic tasks such as writing letters or request notes etc. The key to acing these writing tests is by constantly putting your writing skills to practice. You can’t just write one good essay and think you’re done with your prep. Writing tests look at a multitude of different factors to determine how good your skills are. They look at everything from punctuation and grammar to writing structure. Only immense practice can help you perfect these skills. These tests often come with word limits, and while it’s okay to go a little above the limit, it’s never okay to go beyond it. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to make sure that your essays are complete with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Secondly, be sure to practice your writing prompts in such a manner that you have enough time to review your writing in the end.

Make English conversations a part of your everyday speaking rituals

While you can learn and memorize all other facets of your test to a certain point, the speaking part is something that needs to come naturally. The examiner can ask you anything from questions about your parents to a completely unrelated general topic. The best way to brush up on those speaking skills is by making conversations in English a part of your daily life. Talk to your family or your friends or your coworkers to see which areas you need to improve on. Conversing with fluent speakers can help you make sure that your skills are up to speed. You can also practice in front of a mirror. This can help you develop loads of confidence as your confidence in speaking English will also be one of the factors that test-takers will keep an eye on. You can also record yourself speaking and then play it back for yourself to see in which areas you can improve yourself.

Download apps to study on the go 

Thanks to advances in technology, studying has never been easier. There is a multitude of different apps available that can help you focus on any testing skill that you want. The advantage of studying with these apps is that you don’t need to be chained to a book in order to learn something. You can begin learning at any place you want. Whether it’s studying while you are on your way to work or during your lunch break, these apps can help you manage your time effectively. The best part about these apps is that they are usually free, so you get additional learning resources for no additional price. If a constant practice is your motto for learning, then these apps are your best possible option for doing exactly that. Apps like Duolingo and Memerise are great options for non-native English speakers to effectively and quickly master English language.

Final Word

Besides all these tips, another thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to be relaxed while giving your test. If you are stressed during the test, you are more prone to make mistakes, So before entering the test hall, leave all your worries and your bag of stress outside so you can give your 100% to the test.