Australia is a place to live where experiencing wildlife and severe change in weather is a mainstream thing but people planning to move to Australia are not familiar with the pros and cons of about moving to Australia. We will discuss some major life-changing experience one can have when reaches the land of natural beauty, snowfall, and bushfires. Yes, you heard it right. Australian land is full of diversity and is a place of inclusion that offers the best available facilities to each and everyone in Australia, regardless of being a national citizen or an immigrant or even a student. 

Australia is one of the countries that offer the best education and supports education for everyone. Services like PTE Courses Darwin are offered in Australia to support the cause of educating everyone, where the first barrier faced by people is the language barrier. Further, we would like to discuss some of the most important:

Renting Before Purchasing A House:

Australia is one of the countries where people like to live to enjoy the easy access facilities. If you want to live in Australia, you need to know if it is better to buy a house or renting is the option you can look upon. In Australia, migrants are found to prefer renting as a priority rather than buying a house for living as they find it easier to rent a house. One benefit to rent a house is said to get familiar with the environment of the surrounding before deciding to buy a house. You get to know either the access to public transport is easy or not. If you have school going kids, access to local schools can be one of the aspects you should consider. Renting a house for the time plays an important role before you decide to buy a house in any of the locations so if the facilities and people around your location do not fascinate, you can easily move out and find a new and better location.

Continuous Fluctuation In Weather:

Change in the weather is the least bothered thing for the people living in Australia but when it comes to people traveling to Australia, it is the most important aspect they need to know. People are generally not familiar with the weather across the country. All four seasons are observed in the country but the weather is mostly dry and wet in the tropical north region. Cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, fluctuation in weather is so rapid that you may feel the four seasons in a day. You also may find people skiing in some of the regions of the country as it snows in the months from June to August.

Healthcare Facilities and Support System:

Australia is one of the countries where medical facilities are directly and indirectly supported by the local government. Across Australia, medical facilities are not bound to some states but are open to all states. Australian nationals and people with permanent visas are benefited directly with their needs of health care. The medical facilities include low-cost treatments, subsidized medical coverage by the high profile hospitals and medical institutions as they consider their people as their assets and support them at every bit they can and if you want to get benefit from it, you need to visit their office and complete some paperwork to register yourself to get the same benefits that an Australian citizen gets.

Heat Waves in Summer:

Life on earth is highly protected by the ozone layer but when it comes to Australia, the country is located where the ozone layer is unusually thin that makes Australia one of the most heated countries of the world. During the summer, Australia faces the elevation in temperature almost up to 40°C which becomes unbearable and people have to stay at home away from direct contact from the sun rays. People of Australia follow a simple rule of “Slip Slop Slap” in which they need 3 things to protect themselves. A shirt, a sunblock cream, and a hat are the most important thing they need for their protection from UV rays.

Vacations in Australia:

Despite the fact that weather fluctuation is a problem for people moving to Australia, it is one of the most beautiful countries to look for when it comes to spending your vacations and good quality time for yourself. Southeast region of the country is considered as the best region for spending your vacation. The frequency of snowfall is greater than Switzerland in the southeast region of Australia and skiing is one of the favorite activities for people there

Bushfires, a Natural Disaster in Australia:

One big problem in Australia is the regular bushfires. Australia faces frequent bushfires on an average of more than 45,000 incidents in a year. The elevated temperature and strong winds play a significant role in the bushfires. The land Australia is covered with dry vegetation and forests for about 134 million hectares that become the actual fuel for bushfires to burn the nearby buildings, destroying the wildlife and sometimes it is dangerous to human life as well. One best option to avoid such fires is to keep your surroundings free from dry leaf and debris of the trees.

Languages Barrier:

People traveling from the parts of the world where US or UK English is their native language feels difficulty in speaking English in Australia as it has a slight difference in both. People are suggested to learn and understand the difference between the native US or UK English and Australian English to avoid communication barriers.

Zebra or Pelican Crossing in Australia:

Australia is a country of rules and regulations. People traveling to Australia must learn the roadside rules and regulations to avoid fines and penalties. Violation of Zebra or Pelican crossing is considered a crime and people are bound to avoid jaywalking to be safe from fine. A common fine of AUD$70 is charged for such a small violation of not using the zebra or pelican crossing. You need to learn such rules and follow them before you are charged with big fines and penalties. 

Experience for life:

The major population of Australia is bound in the big city areas to get the flavor of big-city perks. Places like Melbourne and Sydney are most likely to get attention from people but if you think about beautiful places in Australia, the country is blessed with places like Kata Tjuta and Uluru. One needs to explore such places as to see more beauty other than enjoying the big city perks. You just need to take a day out of your air-conditioned room and explore amazing places in Australia. The country is blessed with more than 300 national parks and with immense beautiful natural landscapes to enjoy.


Life in Australia is full of colorful weather, fascinating landscapes with dangerous wildlife experiences. People living in Australia and experiencing the country will surely have different opinions about the country. You just need to know the right thing before you plan to move to Australia for spending your life there. Considering the above-mentioned aspects, your experience can be wisely changed and it will surely help you to identify the desired comfort.