Tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. In fact, tables are also named according to the purpose they serve – be it dining tables, side tables, or coffee tables. One such table that is now a prominent feature in many homes is the console table. Originally created as a rectangular slab held by wall-mounted brackets, this table style has evolved over the years to provide both function and aesthetics.

Console tables can be customized in a variety of ways depending on the space you want to add it to. If you’re short on space, a slender console table can be the perfect addition to your entryway or hallway in order to add the perfect amount of sophistication. If space isn’t a concern, a console table can easily be incorporated into your space as a bar, vanity, or desk.

Whatever be the case, you can make the most of your console table when you add some stunning décor to it. A well-decorated console table can completely elevate the look and feel of your space and add unmatched elegance to your home.

Here are some elegant console table décor ideas you can look into.

Console Table Décor Ideas

Without a doubt, your console table can be spruced up with a variety of different elements. But, a central, standout piece can completely elevate a simple console table and bring in a lot of glamour to the area. Focal attractions can include a large, elegant mirror or even a striking painting. Use your creativity and pick a central piece that suits your personal taste.

1. Slide in a bench or ottoman

A lot of times, the console table is well setup but the area underneath it is left bare and empty. You can easily spruce up this vacant space with a stylish bench or some fun poufs. The best part is that the bench or poufs can also double as extra seating when you’re hosting guests. That’s a win-win! You can also experiment with colours and textures to bring more life into the space.

2. Stack books and magazines

Home decorators everywhere can agree that books can substitute as the best interior décor. If you have large coffee table books lying around, stack them up and place them atop your console for a modern, functional look. You can complement these stacked books with a simple, elegant vase and other minimal pieces of decoration.

3. Storage space for the dining area

If you have set up a console table near your kitchen or dining area, you can easily use it as an additional storage space. You can set up fancy dinner plates or China, which also doubles as a décor element. Spruce it up by adding a lamp or a vase to the side, and you have yourself an elegant design element in your house.

4. Storage for the living area

Suppose your console table has been setup in the living room. If you have additional empty space underneath the table, you can always find a way to make it a storage space. Add a chic bamboo basket underneath, which can store throw pillows, blankets, and more.

5. Place it behind your sofa

If you have a bigger coffee table in your living area, you might be wondering how you can enhance the look of the more toned-down console table. A great idea is to place it behind your sofa seating. This way, you can setup a lamp on the console, which acts as additional reading light when you’re lounging. It can also be used as a platform to hold glasses and mugs when you’re relaxing on the couch.

All in all…

When picking out a console table, you have to ensure that it somehow matches the aesthetics of your house. For instance, a wooden console table would look elegant and sophisticated in a house with traditional interior design. Whereas, a sleek console table with metallic finishes would look uber stylish in a contemporary, modern home. Likewise, the elements used to design the console table should be complementary, but you can always add a singular eye-catching piece that will grab everybody’s attention.

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