Whilst it is true that a great many of us became completely and utterly sick of the quarantine that was imposed following the outbreak of this year’s pandemic, many more of us may actually have a problem easing out of it. Health expert Steve Fisackerly was on the television last week discussing this very thing, as many of us have found ourselves with a Stockholm syndrome-esque situation. There is also the very real fear that people have of being outside and being near others, so it is important that you ease yourself out of lockdown in the right way, and here are some tips on doing just that. 

Away From The Herd

One of the biggest challenges is being in close quarters with someone else and the unfortunately thing here is that we have absolutely no control over what someone else does. This means that you could be out with a face mask on, socially distanced, yet there is nothing stopping someone who cares less, walking up to you and brushing past you, which is not going to feel very comfortable. For the first week or so, aim to get outside but not necessarily near people. For example a national park or a local forest could be a great idea that will get you used to being outside again, just with less people around. 

Meeting Friends 

Meeting up with friends is also going to be a really good way for you to start socializing again and the beauty of doing this with your friends or your family is that you can explicitly speak to them about your fears, and they will of course respect that and behave in a way which makes you comfortable. 

Staying in Good Shape 

There are some of us who have, understandably, over-indulged during the last few months and that has resulted in some concerns as we open back up. We know that those who are overweight are more at risk of having problems should they get the virus, and that is why now is the opportune time to get yourself in shape. A morning jog and a healthy diet is all it will take for most of us to trim down on our weight and be in a healthier position, this should also help to ease any fears which you may have about reopening. 


The shock to the system for most of us when  we went into lockdown was that our routines were shattered. This is also why many have had metal health issues during this time, as they were completely knocked out of any rhythm that they had. The solution to this is of course getting yourself back into a rhythm and in order to do that, you need to simply start off slow. Walking to the store for a paper eat morning or watching the sun go down each night, these are small things that you can do each day that will slowly help you to develop a routine once again.

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