In running a business, you have a myriad of responsibilities on your plate.

To start, your goal is to make your company as profitable as possible. Otherwise, why would you be in business in the first place?

Second, you want to make sure you meet the needs of your clients. If you do not do that, they can become former clients in a hurry.

Last, you want to give your employees everything they need to be successful. Remember, a successful employee tends to lead to a successful business.

That said you also should try and do what you can to be sure your employees are healthy and happy.

No, you can’t and should not become involved in their private lives. What an employee does outside of his or her job is their business as long as it does not reflect in a bad way on the business.

With that in mind, you can still try and work to make your employees healthy and happy.

So, are you taking care of your employees?

Providing a Healthful Workplace

In trying to provide a healthful workplace for your employees, keep in mind the following:

1. Safe conditions – Take a look around your office to see how safe the conditions are for your workers. In the event one or more things seem amiss, do your best to correct them. An example of this would be electrical cords strewn across the floor where one could trip. Also look to see if shelves have too much on them to the point where they could tip over. Is there any danger of employees not being able to escape in the event of fire or other serious issues? By being prudent and reviewing your office setup, you and your workers should be safer each day there.

2. Helping a worker in need of medical help – What happens if one of your employees has trouble breathing? Could it be a heart attack or other serious medical ailment? If you had to do CPR on them until help arrived, would you be able to do so? It is good for you and your employees who want to learn this life-saving technique to do. You can learn CPR online and feel better about helping someone when they’re in need of medical help. Check both online and in your community to see where CPR certification is available.

3. Diet and exercise – Although you can’t order workers to eat healthy or exercise, you can encourage them. With that in mind, if you have vending machines or even a cafeteria area at work, stock them with healthy foods. In the event you have lunch delivered to the office on occasion, try and get everyone to eat healthy. When it comes to exercise, you could give your workers who have interest a discounted or free pass to a local gym. Also encourage your workers if they so choose to walk during their breaks or on their lunchtime. Having a fitness emphasis in your office can lead to healthier workers. With healthier workers, you benefit as a business owner.

In taking care of your employees, are you passing the test?