As a private tutor you know that your time is precious.  There’s nothing worse than going back and forth with a potential student, sharing your CV, talking tot hem about availability, negotiating rate, only to find that they’ve done the same thing with another couple of tutors and decided not to go with you in the end.  Another frustration can be getting payment from the parents of your students, as you might never see them, several weeks of fees add up and then you get given a check. Tutoring apps can alleviate many of these types of problems, so what can the best apps for private tutors do for you?

Marketing and Payment Benefits of the Best Apps for Private Tutors

Finding and securing new students can be expensive and time consuming, so using a tutor app can take away a lot of that initial marketing expensive and time consuming negotiation process by bringing interested students directly to you.  By filling out your tutoring app profile potential students and their parents can review your qualifications and expertise, as well as availability and location before they make contact with you. That cuts down on a lot of time wasting.  If they’re interested they book their first tutoring session via the app, so you just turn up and get on with doing what you do best.

Because payments are managed by the app, and collected directly from the parent’s payment method and then deposited directly into your bank, you never have to worry about payments, it all gets done automatically in the background.  The price is set by the app so there’s no room for negotiation.

Communication and Rating Benefits of Tutoring Apps

Other advantages of tutoring apps include being able to be rated by your students and also being able to communicate with them and their parents outside of the tutoring sessions.  

The rating system on tutoring apps helps the best tutors to stand out from the crowd, as their students and parents rate them highly, they rank better than other local tutors and this means they become more attractive to other potential students.  Comments from students also help to highlight your strengths and teaching style.

The apps also allow you to message your students and their parents separately, so this can be ideal if you need to discuss with the parent their child’s progress or any concerns you have.  Alternatively if your student has any quick questions they can message you for you to respond in your own time, rather than wait until your next session, or them call you on your cell phone at an inconvenient time.

This fast communication and scheduling process via the app may mean that you are able to carry out on demand tutoring for incumbent or new students.  Some need extra sessions prior to their exams to help them revise and prepare, or perhaps they have a homework assignment they’re struggling with that requires extra advice to help them understand and then carry out their work.