Good lingerie has been helping women feel sexy and confident for ages. Wearing it makes you feel desired, happy, and self-assured. Because there are so many different styles and French names, it can sometimes be intimidating to dive in.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to learn the best tips and tricks to pick out something that will wow your partner and make you feel incredible. So, how do you find the best lingerie and sexy apparel to ignite that fire in your love life?

Here is our guide to the best spicy lingerie to help you fulfill all your fantasies.

Types of Lingerie

Lingerie simply means undergarments and clothes you wear to bed, but there are all different varieties to turn up the heat in your bedroom. Here are the most common pieces of sexy lingerie available.


If you’re looking for an easy way to step up your lingerie game, buying a teddy is a simple way to create a lot of excitement. These are one-piece garments that can be made out of some very risqué fabrics.


A bodysuit is like a one-piece bra and panty set. Some more conservative ones can be worn under your clothes as a cute top, while the lacier and more revealing ones are meant to stay in the bedroom.

Baby Dolls

Baby dolls can be naughty or nice. They are fairly skimpy dress-like garments that fit loosely around the hips and have a playful flow to them. If you prefer a free-flowing feel to your lingerie, these could be the answer.


Chemises are a lot like baby dolls, but they are more form-fitting and snug. This does a great job of highlighting your body’s natural curves. They are a little less innocent and a bit more sexual.


Corsets are a great way to emphasize your curves. They pull in the waist while pushing up the breasts. These are an ideal choice if you’re looking to get that classic feminine hourglass figure with some great cleavage.


Few things are sexier than garters paired with a corset. Garters attach your stockings to a belt. Garter belts can be made of just about anything from romantic lace to smooth silk. They are a perfect way to accentuate a sexy ensemble.


Lingerie costumes can add an extra level of excitement to otherwise routine love lives. You can really play out your fantasies with some truly exciting costumes in the bedroom.

Create Your Own Style

As in life, when it comes to lingerie, there is no one size fits all approach. One of the best things about this sexy apparel is the ability to customize it to your style and tastes.

If you’re looking for some fun pieces to express yourself with, visit You’ll find a wide variety to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Spark That Fire

Once you get started, it won’t take long to feel like a confident lingerie master. Start shopping now for the perfect lingerie to spark that sex-life boost you’ve been looking for.