The Covid 19 pandemic and the destruction it has left behind is not news to anyone. So far, Covid has caused over 2.5 million deaths globally

However, all is not lost as several pharmaceuticals have developed and released vaccines to help fight the virus. The last few months have also seen countries attempt to resume normal functions, albeit with caution. 

As businesses resume operations, one of the main concerns is how to keep people in a closed workspace healthy. 

Here, learn the importance of a good office cleaning in Montreal in relation to Covid 19.  

Why Hygiene is Key

Maintaining neat, clean workspaces has always been important. This is now more important than ever.

As you know, people with the virus cough, releasing droplets into the air and surfaces. These could be seats, computers, desks, coffee makers, printers, and all other surfaces in the office. Because most of these are shared, you can only imagine the snowball effect. 

This is why hygiene is front and center in Covid safety protocols. 

Proper cleaning ensures all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, so they are safe for use by multiple people. 

Why You Need a Cleaning Company

While you can have your employees be part of the cleaning routine, you can never be guaranteed the results. 

This is a life-and-death situation; it’s best advised to give expert cleaners the job. Here are ways in which a professional cleaning company will support your goal of creating a Covid-free environment:

1. Timeliness

Often, asking staff members to clean after themselves becomes a ‘’whenever you have a second’’ scenario. You cannot afford to take a lax attitude with the virus. A cleaning company will be in and out according to the agreed-on timelines. 

2. Equipment

This is not your regular soap and sponge job. If ever there was a time to bring out the big guns, this is it. You probably cannot tell an EPA-approved disinfectant from a regular one. 

Professional cleaners come armed with knowledge, equipment, and the correct cleaning compounds to combat the virus. 

3. Pay For Service

You can create a cleaning schedule depending on your businesses’ needs. This ensures minimal disruption. If early morning or late evening is least intrusive to your employees and customers, communicate this to the cleaning company. 

This means you have a clean, Covid free space without interrupting business nor employee productivity. 


As scary and uncertain as the past year has been, vaccinations are indeed the much-awaited-for light at the end of the tunnel. 

This notwithstanding, Covid-19 protocols are one way to ensure your employee’s safety in the near future. Hiring a cleaning company is one way to do this.