The front yard is said to be the eye of a home and contributes significantly to a property’s value.

It’s for these reasons that homeowners are encouraged to keep this area stylish, fresh and well-tended. 

On the face of it, a well taken care of yard sounds expensive. The truth is that it does not necessarily have to be. 

Still, landscaping is not everyone’s forte. Here are some creative design ideas to spruce up your yard. 

1. Pavers

Pavers are excellent, low maintenance, durable front yard landscaping options

If you are looking to install permacon pavers, you will be spoilt for choice. Today, you can find pavers in numerous styles, colors, and textures. 

Whatever your house style and décor theme, it’s unlikely that you will be unable to find pavers to complement your overall décor theme. 

2. Lights

If you are looking for an affordable, low-maintenance option, lighting is worth considering. This is even better if your home is solar-powered, as your energy costs will be minimal. 

The point of landscaping lights is not light, but to accentuate other features. These should be used to highlight flower beds, swimming pool, stone arrangements, and so on. 

There is one rule, however: less is more. 

3. Bird Bath

This is a stylish, sure-fire way to bring nature into your yard. 

For people who love a water feature on their property but are yet to commit to something bigger, this can be the perfect go-between. A bit of shopping will reveal that you can find a birdbath of different styles and sizes. Size is especially important as the feature should reflect the size of your property.

Add a perch for birds to land on and ensure there is always some water in the bath. 

4. Rock Features

Rocks are an excellent addition to any yard. Creativity is key. 

First off, try and mix up different rocks, textures, sizes, and colors. This gives a more natural look than having uniform rocks. 

If you can find huge boulders, these can stand on their own and be accentuated by small lights for extra drama. 

If what is available in your area is smaller rocks, you are still not at a loss. Use the smaller-sized rocks to create rock features. Again, mix them up, so the formations look a bit ragged. 

Aside from created rock features, you can also use rocks to demarcate walkways.


In a nutshell, the yard of your dreams doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The size of your yard doesn’t matter either because most of the options are scalable. 

Review these suggestions, add a touch of your personality to them, and you will have a magazine-ready front yard.