Testosterone levels decline with age, but men can restore their health and vitality through hormone therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy provides supplemental testosterone through injections, gels, and skin patches. Men with low testosterone should talk to a hormone health specialist about treatment. The process is non-judgmental and confidential. Hormone testing confirms the condition and helps men find meaningful relief.

Increased Muscle Mass

Many men turn to Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) because it can help increase muscle mass. Muscle growth results from several factors, including adequate protein intake, rest, and a sufficient testosterone level.

Testosterone boosts protein synthesis and promotes using amino acids to build muscle mass. This also helps fat cells to break down and be burned for energy.

Chronic fatigue is one of the symptoms associated with low testosterone, and it can make it hard to get in the gym and start building some muscles. However, after just a month of receiving hormone replacement treatment, patients often notice that their muscle aches are gone, and they are more motivated to exercise. Testosterone replacement can be administered through creams, gels, injections, patches or slow-release pellets placed beneath the skin. Injections produce results more quickly than patch or pellet options.

Enhanced Sexual Function

Men experience decreased libido and erectile dysfunction as they age, but other health conditions often cause these symptoms. If you have low libido or erectile problems, talk to your doctor. They will have you get a blood test to check your testosterone levels. They may also check for other causes, such as thyroid problems or medication side effects. Testosterone therapy has been shown to improve libido and sexual function in several placebo-controlled trials. However, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is only effective for erectile dysfunction in hypogonadal men. In these men, it increases erections when used as monotherapy and can improve symptoms unresponsive to phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. Testosterone levels drop naturally with age, but you can slow the decline by getting regular tests and treatment when needed. The benefits of testosterone clinic Denver treatment include increased muscle mass, less fat, better bone density and improved libido. It is important to avoid becoming pregnant while taking testosterone.

Increased Bone Density

Testosterone plays an important role in the health of your bones. Low hormone levels increase your risk of osteoporosis, which can lead to brittle bones and fractures. Increasing bone density through testosterone replacement therapy can help slow the progression of osteoporosis and reduce your risk of broken bones as you age. Researchers recently published the results of a series of studies called The Testosterone Trials, which tested the effects of 1 year of testosterone treatment compared to a placebo in 790 men aged 65 and older with hypogonadism. The trials found that testosterone improved hemoglobin levels, increased bone strength, and did not affect cognition. Restoring your normal testosterone level is vital for maintaining muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell production, sperm production, and sex drive. It also decreases fat mass and raises your resting metabolic rate, helping you maintain a lean body. Testosterone replacement therapy may cause acne in some individuals, but it can usually be minimized through good skin care practices and common prescription acne treatments.

Increased Energy

Testosterone also increases metabolism, so you’ll burn more calories even when not exercising. This can help you maintain a healthy weight and decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Having adequate testosterone levels boosts your energy levels and motivates you to exercise. You’ll feel less sluggish and can complete tasks more quickly and easily.

It’s important to remember that testosterone therapy isn’t a “fountain of youth” and doesn’t reverse age-related declines in physical fitness or sexual function, prevent heart disease or prostate cancer, or improve memory or mental sharpness. It would help if you always worked with a qualified healthcare provider to ensure your dosage is optimized and safe for your unique needs. In addition, it’s essential to use a birth control method to prevent pregnancy.