A friendship is a bond like no other. Whether it’s a brother from another mother or a sister from a different mister. Just like anyone, we all love to get a gift or be shown how much we are appreciated by another; especially with best friends who have been there to support you, laugh with you, create memories and have joined you on your life journey. The importance of friendship is so significant we even have a day to dedicate and celebrate these all-important bonds. So, what’s the best way to show your friend how much they mean to you? We’ve rundown activities to do with your best friend as well as gifts to show how much you care.

Friendship Necklace

A long-lasting and intimate gift to give to your friend is a friendship necklace. A great option for those who like their jewellery, it’s an elevated gift idea. Here at Story Jewellery, we have the perfect necklace.Take your pick from a silver or rose gold design. This timeless necklace features two interlocked rings. One is silver plated whilst the other is covered in small crystals. The necklace comes with a meaningful message card and is completely tarnish free – this means the necklace will last the lifetime of your friendship. A great gift to give and get as matching friendship necklaces.


As friends you’ll have an abundant number of pictures from travels, nights out and nights in. Embarrassing or not, a great way to share the memories and reminisce is through a photobook. There are many companies who create the book for you, you simply choose your photos. Or if you fancy being extra and want to create a really personalised book, create it using photoshop then send to a printing company. Or even better, make a handmade book yourself using polaroid’s, pictures you’ve had developed and other pieces such as concert tickets etc. You can be as inventive and as personalised at you want. It’s a lovely idea which your friend will truly cherish and appreciate.


We all love a giftbox for any significant holiday. The opening of an aesthetic box filled with little joyous gifts – who wouldn’t want that? There are many companies which create their own giftboxes full of beauty/skincare products as well as more unique ones tailored for the chocolate lovers. If you really want to push the boat out, create your very own giftbox that is completely personalised to your best friend. Include little novelty gifts which call to your friends’ hobbies and likes, whilst featuring items you know they’ll love. Creating one yourself is simple. Take either a giftbox or crate and fill it to your heart’s content. This will show your friend how much you love them but also how well you know them.

Friendship Bracelet

For those who like a hint of bling on their wrist, the friendship bracelet from Story Jewellery is perfect. A piece of jewellery which your friend can wear every day, this is a great gift option for a friend. Adding a unique piece to their jewellery collection, the bracelet features colourful beads in orange, yellow, white and blue. Illustrating the strong bond between friends, the bracelet has two interlocking rings. Available in gold and silver, it will suit any friend’s jewellery preference. Not only will you be gifting a bracelet but one with a strong meaning behind it to inspire and empower.

Spa Day

Like any other relationship, being a friend can be a tiring and sometimes difficult job, whether it’s an argument here or there, finding it difficult to reunite due to work or just not getting enough quality time together. A great way to celebrate your friendship is through a little trip to the spa. Whether it’s an afternoon or long weekend, everyone appreciates the chance to take a breather, relax and be pampered. A visit to the spa is a great way for you and your friend to spend time together, treating yourselves to facials, manicures, massages, pool time and even afternoon tea. It’s also another nice little memory to add to the bank and a great activity to continue when you both have been side-tracked with life for long periods.

Cocktail Making Class

Friends always love a catch up over drinks and what better way to do it than over a cocktail making class? Make your night in or out even more exciting through making cocktails. Whether that’s through a professional class at a bar, at home or simply just concocting up a random creation. This is a great activity to create new memories and it can be as expensive or as affordable as you like.

Friendship Ring

For those that like to accessorise, the Friendship Ring from Story Jewellery is a perfect small gift. Whether it’s a gift on its own or a part of a giftbox, a ring is a lovely symbol for friendship. A friendship is a love like no other which is why the ring’s design features a knot, symbolising the forever connection between two best friends. Available in a timeless silver design, the ring is enhanced by delicate crystals lining one half of the ring. Made from Sterling silver, the ring is set to last a lifetime. A perfect piece to own as a matching friendship set.


A lovely idea to gift a friend is a print of some sort. This means they can take it from home to home and be reminded of your strong friendship every time they set their eyes on it. A print can be whatever you want; from a landmark image to a holiday you both went on. Even a shared favourite movie/musician. Take the personalisation to the next level by having a graphic print of a picture of the two of you or a message/quote you both cherish.