Are you someone who has noticed all of the job postings for high school grads and is finding yourself feeling anxious? If so, you may be considering getting your GED.

In doing so, you want to research all of your options. Luckily, by reading this post, you can learn all about GED programs and how they may or may not be right for you. Keep reading and see what you discover!


GED Programs have become increasingly beneficial in recent years due to the growing need for alternative forms of education. Here are some of its benefits:

It Only Needs to Pass the Four GED Subtests

One of the major pros of GED programs is that it only needs to pass the four GED subtests. This means that a person who tests out on one or more of the four subtest areas – Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts – is still eligible to attain a GED and obtain their diploma.

Not needing to take all four subtest areas eliminates the need to get caught up on any subject areas that may have previously been missed due to not attending high school. 

GED Test Is Less Costly

Prison GED Program offers adults the opportunity to obtain their high school diploma, even if they weren’t able to complete their formal education. Despite being the equivalent of a high school diploma, the GED test is less costly than traditional high school graduation requirements.

The GED test is only a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives, and considering how expensive colleges and universities are these days, the savings are a big advantage to taking the GED.


The GED program has some drawbacks that one should be aware of before deciding to pursue a GED. Keep reading to know some of them:

You Can’t Pass the GED Examination Online

The GED Program is an excellent academic pathway for those seeking to further their educational goals. However, taking the GED examination online is not an option, as you are required to take the test in person at a designated testing center.

The benefits of taking the GED test in-person include immediate feedback and assistance from proctors if needed, as well as the standardized nature of the test, ensuring that all students take the same material and are judged on the same grounds. 

There Is a Biased Stigma Associated With the GED Diploma

There is a biased stigma associated with the GED diploma, but there are also pros and cons to GED programs that must be weighed as well. On the pro side, the GED is often the best choice for those who are unable to obtain a traditional high school diploma.

For many, the GED provides the opportunity to attain academic success and improve their job prospects. As well, for those seeking further education, the GED ensures the ability to gain college acceptance and government assistance. 

Learn More About GED Programs

GED programs may be a great fit for some people and a poor fit for others. Ultimately it is important to do thorough research into the various pros and cons of GED programs in order to make the best decision. Take the time to explore your options to find the best program for you and start achieving your educational goals.

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