Has your home or property become damaged by flood or water leaks? A water damage restoration company should be your first port of call. They can help repair the damage done and get your property back to a healthy, livable state.

Water damage isn’t just about bricks and mortar. It is about the aftereffects. Flooding brings raw sewage into your home and paints your walls with it. In the wake of retreating waters, you finish with a contaminated home with dampness strewn everywhere. If you do not repair that damage, it could get into the structure and foundations of your home. After the rot sets in, it is a slow but steady path to an expensive repair job.

Water damage can literally bring your house down about your ears. Seeking the services of an expert to mediate the water damage in Atascadero could really help. Here is what you can expect from a professional water damage restoration firm.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

First, find out if your insurance covers the cost of the damage. If you have flood or water damage insurance, contact the insurance provider, and notify them of the issues. They will release funds to hire the firm and have your property professionally treated.

Contacting the firm

If you do not have insurance, find a firm near you that specializes in water damage restoration. It is important that you tell them exactly how extensive the damage is. Try to provide them with photographs if you can. They may still want to come out and assess the damage before they offer you a quote.

Water Damage Remediation

The first step is to remediate the water damage. This means going into your property and removing any items which could harbor dampness. These must fully dry out and, in some cases, be cleaned before they can return to the property. Water damage remediation means taking those items out of the property to minimize the damage, rot, and mold which can grow.


Next, the property must be fully dry. A water damage repair and restoration firm will next bring in industrial-scale de-humidifiers. These will blast the room, building, and structure dry. They may have to run for days to ensure a total dry out of your property.

Removal of Debris

After the house is properly dry, the structural engineers can get a good look at the real damage. They will remove the building materials that rot beyond repair or which can no longer support the structure. Once they remove the rotten, damaged parts from your house, the restoration process begins.

Restoring your property

The final stage of the process is to return the house to its former state. You may lose some furniture if it cannot be saved. The water damage restoration company will consult with you about any new fixtures or fittings, and you will have full control of the process. Their aim is to leave you with a house that is habitable, clean, and safe. When they finish, you will be able to return home.