streAndroid’s Best Streaming Services

It’s speculated that within the next 5 years, around three quarters of all internet users will be accessing the online world using their mobile devices. While desktops and laptops will undoubtedly remain popular for a lot of people, there’s no denying the momentum that operating systems like Android have been picking up over recent years, and are set to become the dominant platforms for most forms of internet usage and entertainment. 

Entertainment is particularly popular on mobile devices, allowing the average person to stream their favourite movies and music without having to boot up their laptop at home. Having said that, not all streaming services and their relevant apps work the same on Android, so here we will look at some of the more popular streaming platforms that work the best on Android-powered mobile devices.


Currently the king of the hill in terms of streaming, Netflix is the perfect fit right now for Android. The app is state-of-the-art, offering a huge range of shows and movies to watch, which can all be done comfortably within the app. It works quickly and efficiently, and constant updates means that new features are being added all the time. One of the most appealing features of the app is Smart Downloads, where the app will automatically download the next few episodes that a person is watching, and then deleting the ones that they are finished watching.

Amazon Prime

Amazon was once nothing more than an online book distributor but has since become one of the world’s dominant internet-based retailers. On top of that, they also offer various forms of media, including movie, music, and video streaming. Amazon Prime Video is a part of Amazon Prime and comes with an app that offers everything the modern user has come to expect from a mobile streaming service. 

This includes streams that are as high as 4K, along with Chromecast support that was added a number of years ago. This means that it’s possible to stream movies from the app directly to a TV that has a Chromecast plugged into it, or use the Chromecast to watch other types of media, such as sports, which is great for any sports bettors following the latest ncaa basketball picks


Next, we have Disney+, and while it isn’t as old or as well-entrenched as a service like Netflix, it has come a long way in the last few years. Disney+ boasts a large variety of content, with much of it being exclusive Disney media that can’t be found anywhere else. For fans of shows like the Simpson or a multitude of kids shows, Disney+ is a great streaming service for both fans of Disney and those with young children. 


One of the biggest names in the market is Hulu. Perhaps their most appealing aspect is the diversity of the content that they offer. This can range from older films to newer shows, along with live television. Hulu’s app is intuitive to use, offers Chromecast support, as well as several other great features.