Simply upgrading your kitchen can add to the value of your home. What better way to update than to change out your cabinets or countertops.

If you are considering a full remodel or just some upgrades make sure you understand how countertop material differs in cost, durability, and look.

Below is our complete kitchen countertop material comparison guide.

Your Guide to Kitchen Countertop Material Comparison

Ultimately you can choose any material you want for your countertop. Butcher block countertops are easy if you do a lot of food prep. Concrete countertops are durable and give your kitchen a modern edgy feel.

Here are how some of the most popular material match up.


For many, when you think of countertops you think of granite. This natural stone is expensive but adds value to your home. Granite is also durable, strong, and impervious to heat.

If you can get past the price, you also have to consider the imperfections that are inherent to any natural material. It is also hard to install and not a project for the average do it yourself.


Soapstone is a common alternative to granite. It is a natural stone that patina’s with time. It has a rich color that offers a historic look to your kitchen counters. Don’t worry about scratches or dents they can easily be removed.

Soapstone requires regular maintenance with mineral oil and should not be installed by a DIYer. The rich color does darken over time. Don’t worry, our qualified team can help you replace your old or outdated kitchen countertops.


Marble carries with it an opulence that is hard to beat. It is Another natural stone commonly used in kitchen countertops is marble. It adds to the value of your home and is an exceptionally beautiful stone.

Because marble is expensive, it is hard to use for an entire countertop. Marble is easily scratched even with the use of modern sealers. Marble is porous so staining is likely if it is not properly sealed.

Wood or Butcher Block

Wood is a warming material making your kitchen more inviting. You can choose different woods, stails, and finishes to create a unique look. Wood is easy to clean and durable. Too many knicks in your countertops? A sander and some elbow grease and wood countertops are as good as new.

If you do not maintain your wood, bacteria is a real problem. Butcher block counters can crack if not oiled regularly. Water stains are also common on wood countertops.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel creates an urban, polished, and clean feel in your kitchen. It is the easiest of all countertop materials to keep clean, which is why it is used in industrial kitchens. Stainless steel is impervious to heat damage and adds real estate value.

Stainless steel is noisy, and expensive to make. You also cannot use it as a cutting surface as it scratches easily.


Concrete has a unique look and is durable. It can be color tinted and is a great choice if your countertops or kitchen has not standard sizes. It is also heat and scratch-resistant.

Over time, you may see some cracks and concrete is porous if not regularly sealed. While you may think of concrete as inexpensive because it requires custom work you will still incur a significant expense with this material.

Choose the countertop that best matches the use and vision you have for your kitchen. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination and pocketbook.

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