Small businesses today have great challenges. They must fight the competition no matter where it comes from which these days cane mean locally or around the world. They must also constantly find capital to keep growing. Their focus must always be on delivering products and services that keep customers coming back and finally they must hire skilled and dedicated employees.

Hiring the best employees has never been more challenging. Employees expect more from their employees and often want to give less. They also have many choices today. Small companies must be very selective and do all they can to hire the best. Here are some tips on what tour small business should look for in an employee.

Are They Hardworking?

With competition so high and coming from all corners of the globe, these days a small company needs employees that are committed to working hard when they are on the job. Too often employees think that they only need to put in a few hours a day to justify their employment. They will expect lots of breaks and opportunities to play on social media and do other things that are not job related. For a small business this can greatly impact your productivity and bottom line. A small business must have employees that are hardworking and are committed to working hard every minute they are on the job. Yes you do need to accommodate employees with breaks and even times to check social media, but your employees must be the type that get and stay focused on their responsibilities throughout the day.  Be careful when selecting who you hire and make sure that they are the type that will stay on the task at hand and get it done diligently.

Are They Emotionally Mature?

Selecting employees that will be able to handle the rigors of working in a small business can be tough. You workers who are passionate, diligent and positive. They also need to be mature. Maturity is an element of a personality where someone is ready to take on responsibilities in an adult way and be prepared for this challenge. Emotional maturity comes into play because if someone is not emotionally mature they will look to blame others when things go wrong, not focus on fixing things and look to shirk their responsibilities. Employers should give their prospective employees an emotional intelligence test to determine if the potential hire is the right type of employee for the job you have available. These tests can give insight into how a person will handle tough situations, work in groups, and what values they hold. This can be critical in a company where everyone is important to the success of the business.

Do They Really Want to Work for Your Company?

Employers must be sure that their employees are committed to the success of the company. Too often employees will work somewhere because of the pay, the perks, the convenience or because they do not have any other options. Employees with these sole motivations rarely move the business forward.

Instead a small business must hire individuals who have a passion for the company and who are determined to see it succeed. These types of employees will put in extra hours, go through training to improve their skills and act like business owners instead of hires making sure that small but important details do not get missed at the company. .Hiring these types of employees provides an advantage for a small company and prepares them to take on the competition.

Take this advice when hiring and you will have a team that is poised to help your company grow.