Urinary tract infections are very often painful, frustrating and highly uncomfortable and if you are someone who has suffered from these in the past then you’ll know only too well just how much annoyance and discomfort they can cause. The usual treatment for a UTI is to take some antibiotics which will clear it up in a week or so but there are some alternatives to antibiotics which you may want to try out before seeking medical help. The answer as to whether or not a UTI can be self-treated is yes it can, but only if it is a mild infection, if things are feeling extremely painful then you should always seek medical help. There is no single best home remedy for UTIs because there are a number of options which can work.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice has long been known for its excellent qualities in terms of offering pain relief and getting rid of urinary infections. Despite many studies there is still a lot about cranberry juice which isn’t known, especially when it comes to its capacity for use in medicine. What we do know is that cranberry juice helps to prevent E-coli from sticking to the cells in the urinary tract which is how the infection manifests itself.


Antibiotics are given to people who have UTIs because the infection is a bacterial one, something which we know can be easily cleared up with antibiotics. Probiotics however can also help to clear up minor UTIs and especially the group of probiotics known as lactobacilli which can be found in yogurt and some cheeses. These probiotics prevent harmful bacteria attaching on to cells in the unitary tract as well as producing hydrogen peroxide in the urine which is excellent for preventing infections.

Drinking Water

If going to the bathroom has become painful for you then you may wish to minimize your liquid intake in order to prevent a painful bathroom trip. This however isn’t a good idea and although it can be uncomfortable for you to keep going to the toilet, you must ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. Drinking water can help the urinary tract organs to dispose of waste and it is also excellent for retaining nutrients and electrolytes, both of which can help to fight the infection. Regardless of how uncomfortable or painful it may be to pass urine, remember that the more water which you take on, the better your body will be able to fight the infection off.

Vitamin C

Upping your intake of vitamin C will help with just about any infection as it boosts your immune system, which is the body’s defense against infections. When it comes to a UTI vitamin C has a speciality because it reacts with the nitrate in the urine which helps to nitrogen oxides which destroy bacteria, and it also helps to create a reduction in the pH level of urine which creates an environment which bacteria cannot survive.

It is important that along with knowing how to treat a urinary tract infection, that you also know how to avoid UTIs so that you don’t have to go through the pain or discomfort in the first place.