If you are a fan of the Honda CR85, you aren’t alone. The CR series of off-road bikes has always been popular thanks to the combination of low weight with small but capable powertrains. The CR85, in particular, is known for its simple two-stroke engine. Of course, it leaves some room for improvement. Check out these top 3 mods for Honda CR85 if you are thinking about an upgrade.

1) UNI Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter

Off-road bikes need effective air filters due to the dirt and debris on the trail. Unfortunately, air filters can also be bottlenecks to horsepower and torque if they don’t let enough air into the engine. Therefore, upgraded, performance air filters are often a starting point for any project bike.

The UNI Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter is an effective filter for both stopping dirt and letting in airflow. It offers superior performance compared to the OEM filter and many other filters on the market. It is also cleanable and reusable. So, you don’t need to keep replacing it when it gets dirty. For off-road bikes, this can be a serious advantage.

Additionally, upgrading the air filter is very easy. The process is made even easier by the fact that this filter fits right into the OEM airbox.

2) Wrench Rabbit Complete Rebuild Kit in a Box

While Honda CR85s continue to be popular, the newest ones are over a decade and a half old. Even the best Honda CR85 OEM parts can start to wear down in that time. Consider an engine rebuild to help breathe new life into your engine. This process replaces consumable and easily-worn parts with new, aftermarket upgrades.

The Wrench Rabbit Complete Rebuild Kit in a Box has everything you need to rebuild your Honda CR85 engine. This includes a Vertex piston kit as well as new bearings, seals, cranks and gaskets. You’ll achieve better compression and performance after a rebuild.

Taking on a rebuild can be a daunting idea for many enthusiasts. Fortunately, this kit has everything you need to make the process as easy as possible.

3) BikeMaster Sintered Brake Pads

Brake pads are consumable and need to be replaced from time to time. However, you may not want to be swapping them out for standard pads. Instead, consider picking up some performance alternatives that will give you maximum stopping power.

The BikeMaster Sintered Brake Pads offer superior braking ability compared to the stock components. They also have better heat management properties, so you won’t experience brake fade even at the end of a long ride. Maintaining control is just as important as power in creating a performance bike. This is an upgrade you need to make.

Get Started

Grab those Honda motorcycle parts online and turn your BR85 into an awe-inspiring project bike. You may be surprised how much better performance you can achieve with a few aftermarket mods and well-made protective motorcycle apparel. There is nothing like shooting down a trail on an off-road bike that you upgraded in your garage. Don’t miss out on the full ownership experience. Start wrenching on your CR85 today.